3395806251There’s a few interviews with band members out there, but I’ll start with a great one with Andy by the Lake District’s News & Star paper. Random band member fact: Andy has a daughter. Who knew. Just hit more to read it in full.

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More Square Moon Reviews

A few more reviews just to rub it in. Gone but, actually, in the end, just about OK. Hit more to read them all.

13509_largeLouder Than War say Square Moon is “daring, clever and storied lyrically” with an 8 out of 10.
It’s All Happening blog call it “the most perfect of parting gifts”.
Whilst StereoBoard are back to to say the band have “crafted a beautiful, bittersweet farewell”.
By Volume’s Adam Knott shows a masterage of English topping Davey’s and ascending in to Shakespearian. “It leaves a mark” is about the only bit I understood. That and the 9.3 / 10.
Sound Of Violence gives things a French twist, so grab a translation here. The 4.5 / 5 is more obvious.
And finally, 7 Bit Arcade wrap things up with just one more positive plug.

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What is Man?

So much to do, so much to do… This one’s easy though. Fletcher Smith’s short film “What is Man?” features Someone’s Crying towards the end. Unless my Crimea knowledge fails me miserably, I’d say the start was specially recorded by Davey just for the thing. Sounds new anyways.

Jazz Cafe Review

I know, I know, the video’s taking forever. Audio decided to unsync itself and took 3 hours to redo. Now just 230 minutes left until it’s uploaded. Again. Unless anything else goes wrong 😐 . So here’s a review instead.

The-Crimea-at-Jazz-Cafe-The-Upcoming-Andrei-Grosu-4_800x532The boys from The Upcoming were out in force – with photographer Andrei Grosu sat right next to yours truly, and he managed to get some excellent shots. I knew that spare seat would come in handy πŸ™‚ Journo Aoife O’Driscoll was probably slumming it down with the standing crowd, but still managed to get a four star write-up online. Hit more for both that and the pics, and if anyone finds Andrei’s website let me know, he deserves some credit πŸ™‚ . Specially as they credit immortalsoon in the review links πŸ˜‰ .

Roisin Gadelrab of the Camden Review also attended, but clearly missed the humour in the bloke shouting “FROG ON A STIICKKK” through half the show. Matt swears it wasn’t him. Of course it wasn’t. It’s deffinately not him shouting through every other live recording ever either. We love you really πŸ™‚ . Cept Miss Roisin. Who was also dissapointed she couldn’t find Annie Macmanus, who was actually there for a short time, at the back downstairs somewhere. Fame gets you nowhere in a Crimea gig. I should know. Well it gets you in to soundcheck but otherwise. (Srsly though, it’s been a pleasure, thanks Joe/Owen/Andy/Davey/Whoever).

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WiP – Jazz Cafe Media

UPDATE: It’s here!!!

One post, all the links πŸ™‚

Yes I know, get the video up already… it’s coming πŸ™‚ To start with, here’s all the soundcheck vids I have. Cameo by Martin (red top) fidling with wires, and Reay checking the levels in his old and still-in-one-piece (unlike mine) t-shirt with added CREW logo πŸ˜€ . Now that’s some priceles memorabilia right there.

The above includes all my own videos (to be updated as I upload more), in this playlist:

That is, the following (only edited within YouTube to increase brightness levels, otherwise raw):

1. Davey one-two-ing.
2. Lottery Winners On Acid soundcheck.
3. Something musical.
4. Jellyfish soundcheck.
5. A big box of merch.

1. The Stage
2. Gig Part 1
3. Gig Part 2
Or watch a mix here of parts 1 and 2 plus missing audio between Who Knows (sorry, iPod cocked up – had a backup but only in audio). Video appears very very slightly more compressed in the mix, which is why the originals are linked above.

Setlist + Other’s Videos
1. Loop a Loop
2. Jellyfish (feat. Tara Blaise) debhdebh – Full, SD
3. Last Plane Out Of Saigon (feat. Tara Blaise)
4. Opposite Ends (feat. Julz Parker) debhdebh – Full, SD
5. Mid-air Collisions (feat. Tara Blaise)
6. Baby Boom (feat. Julz Parker) debhdebh – Full, SD
7. Bad Vibrations (feat. Julz Parker)
8. Witches Broom (feat. Tara Blaise)
9. Shredder (feat. Tara Blaise)
10. Requiem Aeternam (feat. Tara Blaise)
11. How To Make You Laugh (feat. Tara Blaise) debhdebh – Full, SD
12. Who Knows
13. Someone’s Crying (feat. Tara Blaise)
14. Only Living Boy And Girl
15. Everywhere (feat. Tara Blaise) Fleetwood Mac cover. debhdebh – Full, SD
16. Lottery Winners On Acid (feat. Tara Blaise & Julz Parker) Tom Raffe – Clip, HD | tansytudor – Full, SD | debhdebh – Full, SD

Davey Interviewed on Radio Wales

So sorry I don’t have the final gig video up yet – twat here left a bag on a train and spent an extra hour tracking it down (thank god it only went to the next station, turned round and came right back πŸ™‚ ) but now it’s 11pm and no time to mess about with video.

b0380fng_640_360Primarily cos I just spent nearly 2 hours trying to record 30 minutes of interview – twice – can we just download the things already, BBC??? If you missed Davey’s tip on twitter, he was speaking to Bethan Elfyn on Radio Wales last night, for quite a while too. Topics covered The Crocketts’ formation through The Crimea’s global escapades to his future plans in South Africa – and if you don’t wanna help the guy out after listing to the details, you have no soul.

Anyway, you can either listen to the whole show via the BBC site for the next few days, or just download the good bit below, cos at least I give you a simple MP3 link:

Just right click and save. Oh so simples…

Shit gets real

Whilst one suns oneself on the sunny shores of aberystwyth, heres something i prepared a little earlier. Soundcheck proper πŸ˜‰

Now what the heck is it with welsh busses. 4 buses, 3 roads, 2 sides on each, yet only 1 bus stop. Wtf? Anywy must go, monsters university in 3d to watch 3 fecking D!


Would there be a better place to end?



Even Andy’s Records has them in. Said he had a load of old crox stuff he’ll try and find for me πŸ™‚



Oh ok one more then.

Hah. Just teasing. I’ll be on a train for the next 5 hours. Might already have something ready for tomorrow though…

Lets get this shit going then…

Just for some warm up, the warm up: Pat Dam Smyth.

Bit blury (blame the lighting, like I said – bats, only bats…). Audio’s good. Upload’s good. 720p (remember to change it up). A few edits for the saturation, wait for YouTube to do it’s thing. Otherwise it’s all good. Now jump back a few hours:

Testing, testing…

And you’ll have to wait until Sunday for any more. I have more than I thought to sort though. Oh woe is I… πŸ™‚

Other’s Pics and Vid

Really, you should just see this as a small taster of what I have instore, but as I’m off to Aberystwyth (where it all began) tomorrow, I’m a bit busy like. So unless a miracle and a 5GB upload happens in the next couple hours, you’ll have to make do with this lot for now. And apologies for the lax credits, there’s a heck of a lot of random-o-person individual shots everywhere rightnow.

Here’s Davey, by Ste Whiley.
Another from the side, by Alan Stafford.
An angle you’ll come to see much more of shortly, from the top, by Andrew Dyke.
A few tagged in Davey’s own album, including the finale of Lottery Winners On Acid (anything with bubbles in).
A load more by Claire Stannard.
Taken from Owen’s FB page – the final bow, originally by Alex Wayne (@squeegy).
And if you don’t know who this guy is, gtfo (tip: he deffinately did went. and deffinately did sign my/his CD πŸ˜€ ).

Like I say, just see this as a taster, just a taster… thanks tansytudor, at least you’re quicker than me πŸ˜‰

Ohhh yeah baby…

Anyone who couldn’t get to the gig, start thanking me now πŸ˜‰ It may take a few days (bit of editing to do), but for once I even outdid my own l337 recording skillzorz, just had a quick watch and it is sweeeet πŸ˜€ .

Live Blog – Jazz Cafe

Live blog up. Hit more for the rest. Currently listening to: Echobelly – Bulldog Baby. Classic πŸ™‚

Update: Sorry there wasnt much last night – was busy getting it all on film instead πŸ™‚ Entire show coming to youtube asap, maybe tonight, maybe sunday. Quality may be dubious, but itll be there. In the meantime keep an eye on facebook, flickr and youtube for everyone else’s best efforts.

Now to get the classic after show album spinning – Murry The Hump’s Songs Of Ignorance. Just like the good old days πŸ™

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HMV Sales

So there’s 3 2 copies of Square Moon in the HMV Leeds store!


More Album Reviews

So you only have a few hours left until you need to be at Jazz Cafe london. Even Tim Wheeler’s asking you to go – which can only mean one thing. Ash Fans. Ohhhhh Noooooeees! (No srsly, everyone’s welcome, even the ash fans πŸ™‚ ).

13509_largeMeanwhile, HMV of all places is now stocking the album – yes an actual physical store – and the Official Charts Company list it as a new release.

As for reviews, Shout4Music have a small one up, giving it another 7 out of 10.

Alcopop post at Believe Blog with details of the album and gig.

And The Album Wall have a large tribute post up to an understandably influential band.

So that’s it. Bar any late minute dramas, off to the final gig in a few hours. Any guesses who else will be there? There’s no end of celebrity fans, high flying family siblings or ex band members to turn up, but so long as Davey, Andy, Owen and Joe make it – it’s all good. I’ll try and liveblog a few things here but for most of the gig it’ll be quite. Just hope to god someone brings along a decent video recorder else you’ll be stuck with my iPhone 3GS’ blury mess again 😐

EDIT: Let’s make this a bit easier – who’s not coming: Charlotte Hatherly. Whoever Alice Potter is. Wow. That’s one angry lady. And Lucifer – will get pics for you all. However, El Spoonio are going! At least pagey is. Must dig out the old EP to get signed…

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