November 2001

1st November 2001
The below message is from the website, and gives a good idea of what holly’ll say when The Crocketts actually do split.


In case you haven’t seen the latest on the message board, we have a new update on the status of the remaining members of the crocketts.

On Wednesday afternoon, Becks reported the rumour she found at the Murry the Hump message board about Owen Cash being the new drummer for MTH. Owen later confirmed this rumour by writing:

Yeah, it’s a fair cop, I’m the new member of MTH.

We were originally going to do a straight swap, me for Bill with Bill Wyman gagging to fill the four string spot. Davy and Dan though want their phone-lines intact and instead have decided to go off in a different direction altogether. They’ll be called ‘the Green and Black vertical lines’, and dress exclusively in Aber town merchandise.

Sorry about the news, fuck the new album.


Needless to say, it’s pretty obvious that the Crocketts as we know them are (alas) no more and sadly there will be no other tunes from ‘em. (Damnit, they shoulda released ‘Opposite Ends’ properly!!! hee hee hee…sorry lads, couldn’t resist injecting a bit of opinion there)

The website will be functional until April because the fees have been prepaid until then. That means you’ll still be able to look through the site and visit the message board. Obviously, Owen’s whereabouts can be tracked via the MTH website message board so be sure to go and visit with great frequency…their site is also “down” by their message board is still up and running like ours. From what I understand, MTH are going to re-organize and probably get a new name.

If I hear anything about Davey and Dan’s future dealings we’ll definitely do our best to let you know about them one way or another until the site goes down in April.

So shock horror, the website czarina is out of a job, sniff sniff sniff. If any of you up and coming rock stars need a website done then drop me a line. :)

It’s been an amazing journey since our humble beginnings in April 1999. I’ve had the distinct pleasure of meeting a lot of you and becoming great friends with several of you. The support you all have shown has been beyond amazing–you lot are first rate f**king stunners. We were all overwhelmed with your eagerness and willingness to go to war when called up for active duty in the army.

And to the Crocketts themselves I offer a slightly more personal message of gratitude and thanks. I got to know them through sheer coincidence and chance…I consider it one of the luckiest hands that fate has ever dealt me. Some of the most memorable times I’ve had in my life were had whilst in their company. So thank you, boys, for all the generosity and hospitality you offered to me during my extended stays at la Crox Villa Hotel…thank you for giving me some of the strongest and most potent wacky welsh cakes this side of the Pecos. My meagre offerings of Jack Daniels and moonshine whiskey were only but humble offerings. ;)

Through the Crocketts I met scores of wonderful people–one of which is now my husband–and for that I am more than in their debt.

And lastly, thank you to all. it’s been a hell of a ride.

hol :)

Owen is one helluva cheeky little shit
hol – 1 Nov – 01:02:33 PM

Owen’s just sent an e-mail to me saying rumour about him joining MTH is absolutely not true…or, in his own words:
Hello Holly,
I haven’t joined Murry at all, sorry for the misunderstanding. I thought the rumour was so ridiculous I thought I’d be just as ridiculous back. I was hoping the Bill Wyman, and the Green and Black Lines would have given it away, but it obviously hasn’t. I’m not going anywhere.


So now I have egg on my face good and proper and am feeling quite like a shmuck. Sorry for the confusion and misunderstanding.

But the thing about Davey Crockett being mentioned in Spinal Tap is definitely all true.

hol :)

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