And there was me thinking 2009 would go by without a peep.


I do remember them being at SXSW with a nice singy lady sometime… though it was last year… apparently it was March this year. And they popped over for a session at KEXP. And they taped it. And here it is:

Last Plane Out Of Saigon. The evolution of Forgotten and something else I’ve, erm… forgotten. Beautiful track.

Summer. The evolution of, Summer. Which I had a demo of in… 200…and… 4? 3? Dear god I feel old.

How To Make You Laugh. Nearly makes you cry.

Good to see the band again. And to see them in a guise oh so close to that of the original Crocketts 20th Century Vikings. Even if only one member of whom is still about. Although I hear Rich had kids and got married or something silly… Anyways. Next up, Davey goes solo. Moves back to Ireland, becomes a celebrated author. Life in reverse. Oh wait there’s more…

You know I shouldn’t go on about the damn Crocketts… So here’s everyone’s favourite ex-Crimea member. If there’s a being on the planet that can play Baby Boom better, Julz’d just find a way to outdo them anyway.

ohhhhhhhh I just saw the epicest thing… ok new post time.

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  1. WPS says:

    I guess some people are just not meant to be musicians.

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