See The Crimea. Yesterday.

Long standing supporter my ass. I should kick the lot of em, scoundrels. Not content with forgoing mention of radio and TV appearances aplenty, they’ve now taken to only mentioning where to watch their one and only show of the year the day after they play it. I’d be pissed, but I’m too busy laughing. Couldn’t have made it anyway, but thanks for letting us know eh lads? :)

Seriously though, I was expecting a break up e-mail ala Cr.. no. Instead we get two albums and a show (yesterday, you know, like, not today, or tomorrow, yesterday). New track up on the FaceSpacePlace. And a, erm… new website. “Official” an’ everyfink. Yeah yeah. It’ll never have anywhere near as much sarcasm and vitriol of this place. It’ll suck. Like yesterday.

Oh yeah, if you did manage time travel – or just checked their website a few days earlier and were ever so luckily in the right place at the right time – send me pics n shits. I’d say I’d post em up here, but, I once promised that to a guy in 2005. He’s still waiting….

UPDATE: Twat. Twat. And indeed, twat. That post I though said 13th December on the official site mentioning the gig, actually, 13th October. So I’ve been in like a crazey hazey daze for months then… Thanks Joe for pointing out the error of my ways. Next year, I shall be there, come rain or shine (or two feckin months notice) ’tis Crimea time. For now though I’m snowed in so fuck em. No wait maybe just another spin of Milky Bar Kid on the discotequemabob…

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6 Responses to “See The Crimea. Yesterday.”

  1. Andy says:

    Saw the show last night. Short and sweet – bit too short some might say – especially for 7 quid!! No Bombay sapphire coma, white russian galaxy, tiffany. Don’t get me wrong, still a great gig – Davey doing Walking in The Air was a highlight but expected more from the Xmas Show – bah humbug!!

  2. Christopher says:

    Was anyone else there? With such short, time bending notice, I can’t imagine many turned up, at least not Crimea fans. And they stopped playing that stuff years ago, seeings how it’s circa 2001 I’m quite glad myself :) Jellyfish / Milky Bar / Judas etc ftw :d Was that guy there filming them again?

  3. Kong says:

    Hey Chris, sorry for the perceived short notice. As mentioned we had nightmare getting our mailing list active again and not blocked by new super efficient spam bots as part of Smarter Mail 6. We had included the dates on our own website and myspace since October though so we did try! Julian wasn’t filming this time but Dan H was taking photos which we can put up on our new site when he sticks ‘em through Davey’s mailbox.

    Anyway we’re back in the proverbial game and we shouldn’t have the same problem again. See you at the next one. Joe

  4. Christopher says:

    Oh cock. Now I feel quite the twat. Still, I was checking Davey’s Facebook… probably not the wisest of moves :) Any more coming up? Should have finished the evening job at Royal Mail then. God only knows why I took it… I make like £10 an hour for a couple weeks self employed, then travel 30 miles and back for less than Davey makes. Oh the snow, the snoowww… Ok gotta go work. Thanks for the update joe.

  5. Dave says:

    Yep, think I am still waiting! ;-)

  6. Kong says:

    Heads up y’all our gig this year is 10th December 2010!

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