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Another review, this one of from Twisted Revolution of The Crimea’s gig at Dublin Castle on 01/10/02. Click here or [More] for the review.

The Crimea

I really do believe that the demise of The Crocketts was fairly unfortunate, surrounded in rumours and frankly, it’s just plain old bad luck that they were dropped from V2 subsidiary Blue Dog (23 out of 60 bands got the chop). Happy days are to come for two ex-Crocketts, Davey MacManus and Owen Hopkins and their new play bunnies, Andy Stafford and Joe Udwin. The Crimea are as unhinged as The Crocketts ever were. As if it weren’t enough that Davey can body-stutter for England, America and Russia combined, the other boys can knock out serrated punk-rock while looking like rightmean bastards and together they also

managed to sneak in a couple of Crocketts ballads. The perfect example – “If you want to see my happy side / Tell me that my girl just died”. How very quaint. Of course quaint isn’t what The Crimea are about, they’ll break your heart with songs like “Tragedy Rocks” and leave you blind with their eloquent language of desperation and hazardous emotion. New track (released 18.11.02) “Lottery Winners On Acid” is the calling card The Crocketts never had the chance to leave as the door clicked firmly shut behind them.
Not that it matters now of course. You know what they say about fat people having a skinny person inside just dying to get out? Well ok, so that’s not strictly true, but if it were, The Crimea would be that skinny delicacy.

By Missy Marie

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