Crimea live blog go

Hit more for… Err… More. Crimea live blogging is go. On a site no one uses. Oh well. Excuse the auto spell check on phone. Heres one to start:

15.43 – finding random floors to sleep on. Regular crimea fan friends all pissed off n got jobs or something. Will Joe have remembered to stick me on guestlist? May get locked out of th sold out show if not. Will anyone even understand me through this damn cold?

16:22 so every pics gonna get it’s own post. Crappy wordpress app. Oh well… Best get off to enterprise for soundchrvk :)

App workin ok now, pics below.

Found that bitch. Not senile yet

18:25 soundchecking man

Enterprise is lookin spiffy, even got themselves a damn stage. No more tables though.

18:40 live blogs going horribly wrong. Shit wp app. Struggle on, like dvey in a electrical cut. New girl on vox. Someone kidnap Tara?

19:02 slight intermission. Get down ye olde enterprise now for crimea goodness. If u can get in. Ps. Answer is ham.

19:14 joes trynna set up tripod for vid cam , as if vids will ever see light of day. Davey worrying about length of guestlist. Staffs worrying about size of pizza. Owen chilled as ever.

19:45 davey starts up some rod macmanus tracks. Search him here – hit archive page link for search box.

20:08 old skool hell’s kitchen track blasting from daveys mac. Still waiting for support to start / crowds to arrive.

20:20 aaannd go. True sign of start of Crimea show – crazy matt arrives. How dos good sir. Davey watching support:

20:48 and we have power. iPhone back on the go. Cheers davey. Sorry ray, another socket lost to the damned…

21:20 these guys are ace. Like a decent gogobordelo. Gypsy rockabilly. Plus accordion player was playin yann tiersen during soundcheck. *heart*

Well that was nice. Next up, Crimea, and blogging goes quiet while I rack up pics n vid for later. May get the odd sneaky one up during set, otherwise Check back tomorrow for more.


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  2. lutin says:

    Only just seeing this now. Thanks for doing this man!

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