December 2001

winter hangs around like a smokers cough
kernel krok – 19 Dec – 08:17:37 PM

hey hallo, well after one year and a day of being on bail and five days of trial in the crown court with a 12 man jury the court case is finally fucking over. I am pleased to announce i was found not guilty. The entire tragedy is over. Thank Fucking Christ almighty.
Things have been pretty quiet on the musical front as me and Dan have been working nights, shelfstacking in the freezer department of Sainsburys Romford. The store is open till 12 all this week if anyone wants to visiit us.Owen is doing a computer course and still writing for the n.m.e. We have been sleeping all day and surviving on cheap speed.

As a result of working all year we have amassed what is to become a classic record, at some stage next year we hope to get a new deal and release the dragon. WE’ve been offered a few new deal but nothing in any way vaguely lucrative has surfaced to date.

in the last few weeks it appears that v2 records has been suffering greatly. Sacking many bands and many staff. It is good to know that it wasn’t just us to bite the bullet.

tragedy rolls, misery rocks, adios davey

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