Crimea info on Radio 1 website.

John Peel’s Radio 1 website has been updated with info on bands performing in session this week, which includes stuff on The Crimea who will be on the show on Wednesday. Click here or on [More] to see the what Radio 1 have to say about the band. The Crimea are also mentioned in a webchat that took place with Radio 1′s newest presenter Colin Murray, where he says that a track called Isobel (Opposite Ends) is ” just blindin’ “. Click on [More] to see the rest of the comment.

Wednesday 05 Febuary – The Chrimea

The Crimea are singer/guitarist, Davey Macmanus, Drummer Owen Hopkin, bass player, Jose Blas? and Andy Stafford. Davey and Owen first got together in the summer of 2000 and started writing songs before the rest of the band completed the act in the summer of 2002.

The bands debut single “Lottery Winners On Acid” was released on Shiny Beast Records on 25/11/02. There are plans to release a single in May which will probably be on their own label.

The band are playing at the following venues
The 45 Club, Chathan, Kent, Saturday 22nd of February
Borderline, London Friday 28th of February
They will be embarking on a full blown tour once they have recruited a new guitarist.

The band don’t have a website of their own as yet but they fan based website! Check it on

The following is from a Colin Murray webchat found here.

Katz : Whose song are you dying to play on the show?
Colin Murray: There’s a track called Isobel by Rhe Crimea which is just blindin’, but there are too many tracks I want to play to mention now. There’s four of us on the team and all our tastes come through. We want to make sure that we’re playing tracks that our listeners are picking up on too – which is why we set up Ill Communication. Check my page for more details…

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  1. grogz says:

    john prrls site has the crimea spelt as the chrimea

  2. Christopher says:

    Just be thankful someone finally got all the member’s names right.

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