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A quick update from The Crimea before a proper update next week. Click on [More] to see the message.

From : Owen Hopkin
Subject : The Crimea : it’s all happening
Date : Wed, 5 Feb 2003 09:50:41

Dearest folk,

hope Christmas and the new year went well. Sorry we haven’t been on the case
with the news, but we dedicated January to finding a lead guitarist. We’ve tried
a lot of great guitarists out, we’ve also tried loads more shocking six
stringers. It’s amazing how convincing someone can sound on the phone.

Anyway, it’s just a quick one, really, before we mail next week with some proper
news. Basically, our John Peel session, which we recorded last month on Owen’s
birthday, is broadcast tonight on Radio 1 at 10pm (UK time). It’s broadcast over
the net simultaneously and if our lackadaisical approach to keeping people ‘up
to speed’ with our happenings has meant someone’s got this mail after it’s been
broadcast, the programme is archived on the John Peel section of the radio 1
website. The URL is something like this:

We played Isobel, Fred Flintstone, Lottery Winners and did a shocking version of
Be Forgotten. Owen was steaming by the time we did the fourth, so it’s his

A big thanks to everyone who’s joined the mailing list since Uncle John picked
up on the single, still available on by the way – also the
place to check for information (relevant or otherwise).

We’re also playing a gig in Surrey University next Tuesday (11th Feb). It’s in
the Student Union, apparently, which is in Guildford. Keep your eyes on the
website for further details etc.

That’s it for now, then. We’ll mail next week with some better news.


The Crimea

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  3. Ffion Roberts says:

    I LOVE THE CRIMEA!!!!!!! Soooooooooooooooo cooooool!!!!!! But I will never forget their old stuff!!!!!! Please play around Swansea area soon, coz I can’t wait any longer!!!!!!!

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