And, could this be the elusive Hannah Fowler? Sure looks like her.

Ok so there’s not much else to do Crox wise these days. Best go update the Crimea news :o )

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3 Responses to “Stalking”

  1. Hello there
    Not so elusive…well, I get there evenutally…but I can’t see the picture to tell you if it is me or not! Not sure why – when I click on my name (maiden) all I get is a white screen. I’ve got some old photos if you wanted to put them up at all – of the original, original line up, when we all went to the beach to have pictures taken by a friend Bekhir. Got lots of posters of old gigs in 1995 kicking around somewhere too.

    Anyway, wow – what a website!


  2. Christopher says:

    holy shitbiscuits.

    ok… must calm self… erm….

    alkjhrfkrhfhsdhfasaaaaaaaaaaaaahh emailemailemail

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