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From : Owen Hopkin
Subject : The Crimea – Gig Time
Date : Wed, 19 Feb 2003 18:32:14

Good evening. Isn’t it chilly?

This is just a quick note (I know, same old excuse, there’ll be a real newsy
e-mail along shortly etc…..) to say that there’s a couple of gigs coming up.

The first is this Saturday (22nd) at the 45 Club in Chatham.It’s on Railway
Street and above the Tap’N'Tin. It’s ?5 in advance.

The next is at London’s Borderline, off Charing Cross road on February 28th
(that’s a week Friday). Tickets are ?6 there.

We’ll be on XFM’s Music Response show with Zane ‘The Zipper’ Lowe – what a guy -
a week on Thursday (27th). We’ll be playing one song live and recording another
two. Our first song is set to be broadcast at 8. If you’re in London the
frequency is 104.9 FM, if you’re not, you can get it on Sky Digital. We’d tell
you the channel, but we’re so poor we don’t even own a watch between us.

Julia (or Julz) is still helping out on guitar. Those of you at the Surrey gig
will already know how devastating she is with six strings and a plank of wood.

Hopefully see you soon, then.

Les Grenouille (AKA The Crimea)

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