13509_largeSilent? Heartless? Dead? No chance.

While this here site is still alive enough to pick up Crimea haters (you’ll never beat mr “Crock o Shite“), El Crimeo have been putting together another Nevermind. Again. Again…. nevermind.

The Crimea – Square Moon

22 track double vinyl, 150 limited releases, pre-order to receive that, the digital download bollocks, and loads of other much nicer physical treats. Like Duke Nukem Forever, the new albums here baby, and promises to suck only half as much! Ok, probably quite a lot less, but inevitably we’ll all be “oh, the demos were better…”, such is the life of Davey Mac.

Actually, most of the tracks are straight off Listen To Seashells, so not too much new, but I promise you Goldmine rocks, as does Stand Alone, tough Jellyfish was better in the demo. Erm… err… yeah…

Gotta go, pre-orders are already down to 147 left. Hit more for the press release while I buy the fucking lot up figure out how to do that mailing list/press release logomabob thingytrip… Wait how do I do more? :|

Ah yes. Thank god for WYSIWYG.

SQUARE MOON –: long awaited release news and pre order
Monday, 11 July 2011 at 16:39

Dear folks,

We’re sat together in Camden, writing this mail-out, finally bringing you the news we’ve wanted to announce for months… years, actually. Our brand new album, Square Moon, is recorded, mixed, mastered and ready for you to listen to.

It’s a double album with two distinct moods, victory and defeat, 22 songs, hewn from the extremes of happiness and sadness, painstakingly crafted with every single joule of energy from every single fibre in our bodies. You will freak, we promise you.

This time, we’ve done things a little differently – The album is available in a beautiful double gatefold vinyl package, complete with a digital bundle. That means you have the best of both worlds. You can stick it on your record player or on your generic or branded MP3 player of choice.

The album will be released on October 31st 2011, but we have a small number of albums on pre-order now.

A limited run of 150 will include:

• Double 12″ 140gm Vinyl in a signed gatefold sleeve
• A full quality download of the entire album
• A pair of tickets to an exclusive Crimea show
• A personal thank you in a glossy insert featuring band photos and excerpts of recording diary
• And… you will receive the album a full week before the rest of the world

This offer is available now on our Limited Pressing page

So, pretty momentous news, eh? The next phase of the Crimea journey has begun and it’s going to be epic. Come join us.

Lots of love,


Pre-order Square Moon here

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6 Responses to “Karma Calling; Victory or Defeat?”

  1. Denyer says:

    I get the “grouping adds value” approach, would like to support the band and would happily pay the asking price plus postage for a CD and some tangible extras.

    This really seems aimed at people with turntables who live within easy travelling distance of London and aren’t bothered by lossy digital formats.

  2. Kong says:

    Denyer! My man, not at all, I beg to differ. The full album download will be in WAV, FLAC, Ogg Vorbis you name it, whatever high end digital quality you want, which are equal to CD quality. We really want the record to sound as good as possible! And regarding the shows, we’re still booking these in and we’d like to try make them as accessible to everyone as possible if we can.

  3. Christopher says:

    well I’m happy with 256 vbr mp3s :) and geez denyer, no turntable, no vcr, what is this 2011? hmm ok. will look nice in a frame though eh?

    any idea if it’ll be available at shows too? would be nice not to feel half the payment is going to paypal / ltdpressing / royal mail / whoever.

  4. Kong says:

    Hi Chris,

    I’m sure we’ll have it available at shows too, though probably not this pre-order package. For online we chose Ltd Pressing as they have a very low subscription fee and don’t take 15% as Bandcamp does. Bandcamp is a slightly slicker experience but we couldn’t justifying losing that 15% which could be better used for funding shows, better quality vinyl/artwork etc…

  5. Denyer says:

    Shit, was the info about FLAC on the product page before? Sorry. Didn’t get that far that evening.

    Lossless downloads aren’t a bad compromise… it does make more economic sense to target vinyl buyers, whatever the truth of quality debates, and I’m sure I can find someone who’ll have the discs. The appeal of pressed CDs for me is that — short of a major fire — they’re generally more durable than backup measures (even sticking large amounts of stuff on a remote server can go wrong) and less hassle.

    > no turntable, no vcr

    Even though laser turntables exist there isn’t much pre-digital-only stuff in either format I feel the need to own to justify having transfers other people have done.

    Relatedly — D, shout when you get back if you want me to send the spare video capture kit on.

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