January 2002

Heppy n… etc.
owen – 2 Jan – 11:25:01 PM

Hello folks,
Hope everyone’s Christmas and new year was rocking enough. My mother got medieval on a big-ass turkey and now I’m pushing twenty stone. If someone pulls out of that fat busters programme, I’m on. And if that army seargant starts getting narky there’ll be a 52 seater bus, full of pipe hitting brothers from Neath, on his case like flies on shit. Word. To yo’ mother too.

Obviously we’re all very happy 2001 is behind us. As bad years go, it’s way in front of the Queen’s mingin’ anus. New year, new start I reckon. And contrary to reports on the lunatic fringe, we’re still going, still recording and still on the deal-trail.

As Davy said before Christmas, I’ve been forced into doing a computer course. It’s shit and they still haven’t taught me how to do those faces with dots. I’m sure they’ll spring that on me last. Right before the exam. To freak me out. The bastards.

Hope the new year goes well for everyone. I’ve got a felling in my water that it’s going to be a good one.

That’s all from me, I’ll write soon. Got to go for a piss.


happy new year and all
nim – 3 Jan – 06:17:02 PM

hope you all had a good new year and stuff like that oooo i have a question for you all

what would be your sound track to your life last year??? i know it sounds odd but it was just some thing i was thinking about and was wondering what other peoples would be!!!

love you all nim

RE: happy new year and all
owen – 3 Jan – 10:00:58 PM

‘South Of Heaven’ by Slayer probably sums it up.

there was two in the bed
kernel krok – 13 Jan – 11:53:44 AM

hey, still havent startet trying to get a deal. banged up in the sainsburys shithouse working off my drugdebts.havent started looking for new members yet. had another bike crash. bumped into david grey on the street am kicking myself that i didn’t have the bollox to murder him for the people. went to ireland for christmas and swam in the sea. Dan is as ever. Owen is in japan playing for the stereophonics. adios

Owen in Japan
Lucy – 14 Jan – 10:16:28 AM

It’s true, Owen is filling in for Stuart for the Japanese leg of the tour, then he’s going to America. It doesn’t mean he’s left the Crocketts, it’s just a bloody amazing opportunity for him. He’ll be spending his birthday in Japan, the lucky git.
Anyway, good for him, couldn’t happen to a better person.

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