Self Control

Mmm… too many blue smarties last month. That’s another girl scared off then. Sorry crox lady person. Meh.

So anyway, did I ever spam anyone with a copy of an old forgotten demo (I obsessed over the first verse back in 2008: )? If so, can I have it back please, I think my only copy was on the iPod I just formatted, and it’s like the best version ever. I swear someone e-mailed it me around dec that year but for the life of me I can find no trace at all. UPDATE: Sorted. It wasn’t a Forgotten demo, twas Baby Boom, damn them and their “let’s borrow this lyric and this riff from this song and put it in this other song” how’s a kid meant to find anything? The Crimea – Baby Boom (Lily Demos).mp3

In other news – and jesus there actually is some – Square Moon’s getting another pre-order-limited-release-until-the-next-one-pressing :d Order it here:

And then there’s the free EP available too. you know, in my day an EP had at least 5 tracks, boys. though to be fair add it to the album freebies and you got plenty already:

Another actual gig which I might have mentioned before – supposedly the 10th Anniversary gig, albeit a few months early (was it really that long ago?) – tickets here. That said, it is in a church this time, which could be interesting, though on the plus side for once I won’t get chucked out for sneaking round in the dark trying to take photos of a group of boys, sneaking in the back door whilst no one’s looking. Oh the lulz to be had…

Video too. I stand by Oliver Twisted as the best track ever, but this is close enough.

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2 Responses to “Self Control”

  1. Kong says:

    Adam Walton played ‘Last Plane out of Saigon’ on his BBC Wales show on the 5th.
    You can catch it on iPlayer at around 52 mins in I think

  2. Christopher says:

    Dunno what’s more surprising – people actually still use this site, or you guys actually telling me when you’re on the radio for once :D Anywhere, I’m there. Cheers joe.

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