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From what I’ve heard of last nights gig, it looks like there was a fame filled crowd with Frank Skinner and the lead singer and bassist from Ash turning up to show their support for The Crimea. I’ve already been promised a review of the gig and should have it up soon.
If all went well yesterday The Crimea should have signed a new publishing deal, if Davey’s comments during the bands XFM appearance are to be believed. Now all they need is a new record deal and they can finally take over the world :o ).
Talking of the XFM interview, sorry I haven’t put much up on the site about it yet. Hopefully there’ll be a load of stuff in the next few days.

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  1. Churchie says:

    I was at the gig, didnt see anyone famous though :-( , what i did see however, was the band on fire, the extra guitar just adds the extra level. I spoke to the band after and both davey n owen said they signed the publishing deal, and there was several record company execs at the gig, so fingers crossed! Being bristol based i had to call in some favours and spend most my wages to get there, n i got there late but it was worth it! they were awesome, forgotten should be a huge huge hit if theres any justice!

  2. elodie says:

    richard stereophonics was there as well…

    that’s all for the celebrity spotting i think..

  3. Kieran says:

    I went to the gig on the strength of the "Lottery Winners" single. Still a great song, but in all I thought the band stunk. Not at all surprised they are matey with The Stereophonics. Afterwards I talked briefly with the drummer. He liked to talk about money. They’ll go far I’m sure.

  4. Joe says:

    Christ on a bike. Thats just a bit harsh innit? Take the time and money to come to a gig and slag us off? I really enjoyed the gig and felt we put on a damn good performance. Good luck.

  5. Ally says:

    It was one of the best gigs i’ve been to in ages, the band were on fire, all conk was brilliant, julz rocks, and everything really feel together. plus the fans came out in their numbers. things are going on.

  6. elodie says:

    yeah of course everyone knows the crimea are only about cos of money. they get so much anyway you really can’t imagine.

    please if you need to criticize the band, try and find better points than "they are friends with the stereophonics, that makes them crap"

    and joe you’re absolutely right you put on a hell of a show. sorry for not talking to you that much about it afterwards but there were just so many people trying to have a bit of you guys :-) fame is coming big time!!


  7. Churchie says:

    I can’t believe that Kieran thought the band stunk. Joe you were right, not only can you play bass like a good un, you also know when a show rocks. A band hasnt seemed so essential to me for a long time

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