Crimea Radio Play

BBC Radio Wales In more Crimea related news – yeah, we’re on a roll this month year even, 5 posts already, go me! – The Crimea just got some radio play. God bless Adam Walton. I’m sure I had a photo of him looking 10 years younger somewhere, but I’ll be fecked if I can find it, so here’s an inapropriately outdated Radio Wales logo instead. And the iPlayer link: – skip to 48 mins in. I forget how you download and record these things now, but I’m sure Adam’ll pass on a recording if tis ever required. Though I am still waiting on the “official” recording of the MS1 gig, Adam… ;)

UPDATE: Meh. Had to re-install GoldWave, re-configure my audio recording setup and re-learn my ftp file directory structure but, here you go: Adam Walton on Saigon (050511).mp3

And in less Crimea related news, here’s a running camel. Bwahahahaha… (yeah sorry addicted to youtube tonight :) )

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5 Responses to “Crimea Radio Play”

  1. Kong says:

    Hey Chris,

    Gary Lightbody and the Stereophonics both tweeted about the show at Union Chapel tomorrow. It was 3 days ago on the 13th. Also the Xfm songwriting winners ‘The Kicks’ are playing first on with ‘Uh-oh’

  2. Christopher says:

    Jesus, have a login already and take over the site Joe, you do more than I do these days…

  3. Kong says:

    Sorry I mean the Kicks are playing their 1 song called ‘uh oh’
    The other band is Morton Valence.

    PS Chris I’m sure you’re welcome to come to the end of soundcheck at about 5pm, though you may have to ask at the load in entrance on compton terrace.

  4. Christopher says:

    So now i look a right twat :)

  5. Christopher says:

    Still, did seem a little weird adding a myspace link for them… *cough*

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