This time tomorrow…

We’ll all know the secret to eternal life, or whatever it was that davey promised.

The Crimea’s first gig in whatever it is, 2 years or something stupid, and as always they still have fans, mostly famous ones.

gary lightbody @garysnowpatrol:

The Crimea are doing a show in the Union Chapel on thurs 17th of may if you can make it good people. Great band!

Kelly Jones off of Sterophonics:

Hi folks, if you wanna see one of my all time favourite bands and incredibly gifted lyricists, go to this gig for a total one off show this Thursday 17th May at the Union Chapel in London. The Crimea will paint images in your head you’ll never erase. Kelly

Maybe one or both may even put in an appearance, you know how Kelly likes to show up at gigs. That said, why he’d publicise his presence for all his stalkers elodies fans, I dunno. So anyway, if you’re going, here’s the full line up:

The Kicks
Morton Valence
The Crimea


Well, not quite. 1000 maybe. Yup, this is published post 1000 (technically 1004 if including a few private / deleted test post, and 1247 if you go by URL, I don’t even figure how that works) but, you know, who cares these days… Maybe we’ll hit 9000 in a few centuries :)

And thanks to Joe who’s endless tips on Crimea realated events would have been immensly useful 6 years ago ;) No really, at least there’s one person to come back here for :) Now I’m off to figure out where the hell this chapel place is. Oh for multimap, whatever do the kids use these days? And, in hindsight, 1000 fixed width page may have been useful. Stupid widescreen 2000000 width nonsense. Note to self: make things smaller.

Oh and, Joe, whilst you’re in tip-off mode, what the hell time is everyone due there for soundchecks? Billy the boy-scout bunt here gets in about 6 hours early as ever (never can trust these trains…) and obviously has no friends to hang out with anywhere else. Seriously mr jon, 7pm? wtf? have you got like, a job, or something? Meh… Yeah anyway… Here’s some traditional post-Crimea-gig goodness. Cos it’s always over waaayy too soon.

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