Live Blog #2

Testing 1 2…

Y’all there? Hopefully this works better than the last time i tried this live blog shinanigans. WordPress app sure seems easier to use anyway.

Currently on the way down to london town on ye olde eastcoast, postings curtosey gprs. Weather still looks gloomy in the midlands. Listing to old crimea live radio session recordings; forgot how grea Julz was ;) Now cant post shit cos the signals gone…. Lots of yellow flowers n pylons though. Pretty.

Aand signals past gogopostygo


I think i see some sun. :) might not get soaked walking around london afterall. And thx joe for the SC headsup. We can all play guess-that-sandwich-filling again.

Wordpress needs a time stamp tag. Diy liveblog sucks :p. why did the greatness of little blue crunchy thing pass everyone by? Bonus points for guess-that-bagel-filling.


“heads i win…tails you loose”… Too many good crimea songs forgotten too. Speaking of which, forgotten just shuffled onto ipod. Humanity’s loss. This yellow oilseed-rudestuff seems popular. Fields still plastered in it. Gotta get me some – must be in wrong business selling games. Towns looking less characteristic by the mile. Hello generiland.

Parrado / rosevelt amazing too. Norweigian indie somethingorother. Will upload some tracks later cos i know noone ever got them off / napster in the day. Oh and yeah, you are getting like 4 years of blog posts in a day here. Slap that blog back into shape.


Almost in kings x. Gotta go soon. Davy postin old song lyrics over @ his facebook. Back later with more. Remember, sandwich filling guesses in the comments. Winner gets one, if we ever meet…


London looks.. Suprisingly alright. Theres sun too !!! Crimea stalking iminent. Oh gawd i must scare these people sometimes…


Bang on time. Thats it for an hour folls. Off to trot round n get mugged n shanked. Like all the cool kids.



Back doors ftw. Its actually a feckin church too. Erm… Yeah… Time to find a power socket…

Big place. Big and cold. Super gig tip – bring a jumper.



Supposedly 500 people turning up to fill the place. Bagsy back row top floor. Always the best view :) better than back stage anyway…



Plenty of soundcheck tracks recorded :) fun for all the family. Just about finished though. Biiig big place…



Heating is go. Not so much need for coats anymore. Maybe a light summer jacket…


Now for The Kicks to soundcheck. Crimea disappear who knows where, maybe to pray or something. Is it even legal to have a bar in a church? Meh. Maybe some sneaky pics from the stage in a bit. This would probably be pretty cool if anyone were on this blog to see them. Alas, even my mother has deserted the place. Ho hum. Kicks sounding decent. Apparently they won Xfm or something, so joe keeps telling everyone. What theyre gonna do with their own entire radio station, i dunno, silly prize if u ask me ;) whats wrong with a nice cake and sticky bun?


Owen drumming with the kicks. Have i missed something here, or is their regular awol?



I do believe im almost alone in the venue. Oh the fun to be had… :) unless im getting locked in… Erm.. Guys… Guys??!?



Andy’s fancy sparkly stool. Im saying nothing.


Respectively, view from andy’s, owens and daveys places.


And err.. Spoiler.. The all important setlist…



Now that everyones fecked off but the cable tech and tea lady, it’s time for the ever popular guess-that-sandwich-filling game. Again, bonus points for the bagel type.


And found my old crimea stickers n plectrums :)


Now i really must go an charge this phone thingy.


Still nowt but sttaff n band here. As the ozies would say – where the bloody hell are yall?

Will be going silent for much of gig to record the damn thing. Will update once its over though, never fear non-existent blog readers, you hall never be deserted :)


Past seven, guys, doors are open already, where are these 500 already?!? Why am i the only loser to ever turn up on time :/


Ahaaa pobol :) now, mr jon, whythe slackin? Here’s some stage, from the proper angle this time.


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