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And heres the kicks, clearly popular with the paps… Some guy from radiostation they now own is introduing them. Something about kebabs. I dunno… Maybe you should just hit to figure out what the hell ths is about. Owen should be up too…



Astonishingly the press are now leaving… Crimea, still band of the forgotten. Long may it reighn :)


Soo pretty :)



Gigs over but plenty of vids n audio to come. Here prolly the only pic though.



Soo…. The young crox fans that mophed in to the old crimea fans have turned in to the young crimea fans who are now also old-ish crimea fans. Where the hell are thr 16 yr olds sneaking in to gigs these days? No one even went for the setlists , damn your enthusiasm :p :) Still, decent set after, as davey recalls, 15 months of nothing. A great acoustic of opposite ends (vid coming soon). First time bad vibrations has been heard in forever. Next gig due september. Sorry for making you all sign stuff again. But geez if you must go producing fuck off huge card vinyl covers… ;) davey stole my pen. Again. Crazy matt was scarily sane. Oh and the press did re appear. Im sure something decentll show up on daveys facebook soon enough. Proper photos, like, not this shit.

And finally, congrats nim, and mininim omg thats like nim backwards twice. Quite fitting. And another two fans wholl never read this. Why we bother eh? Did anyone read this? At all? Ho hum itll look good on the cv etc.

Davey needs better heroes :)


The following day…

Some great audio n vids coming, just listening through it all now. Loads of stuff by others already appearing on davey’s facebook. Will add some bonus background listing too. Who else cant wait til september eh?

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