White Russian GalaxyThe art work for the cover to The Crimea’s latest single White Russian Galaxy is now available for viewing. It’s anyone’s guess who the person on the front is, according to the band it’s just a photo they found on the bassist’s bedroom floor. At least the b-sides for the single have been confirmed, and it’s old Crocketts track La Sinoco and newcomer and crowd pleaser Girl Just Died taking up the two spare places on the CD.
The MP3 fest has begun, starting with Fred Flintstone and Isobel from the Radio 1 Peel Session up for download for the next two weeks. If you don’t want to wait for the rest, there’s a little competition running to get a copy of all the XFM and Peel Session MP3s burnt onto audio CD. Click [More] for the extra info on that.
The band have been confirmed to play at the Kerrang! Weekender on Sunday April 13th. It’s the first festival appearance for The Crimea so if you want to attend, you can buy tickets at and find out more information on the festival from the Kerrang! website.
Do Something Pretty fanzine have written a review of the DiS Vs DSP gig featuring The Crimea among others. Check out the whole review here or just read the Crimea bit by clicking on [More].

DiS v DSP @ Colchester Soundhouse, Thursday 20th March 2003

I don’t know enough about The Crocketts to say The Crimea had the same line up and same songs, but there was definitely something there. With titles like ‘It’s Raining Financial Advisors’ and ‘Like Lottery Winners On Acid’, there was a focus on slightly eschew lyrics and melodies. They all seemed to be enjoying themselves, and Davey has a sensible haircut now. All very enjoyable, could turn into something very interesting indeed.

Taken from the original review written by Joe Weiler for the Do Something Pretty Fanzine.

Crimea Radio Sessions CD Giveaway

While trying to make copies of The Crimea’s XFM and Radio 1 sessions for friends, I happened to make three copies with a little 2 second error on one of the tracks, and didn’t notice it myself for a couple of weeks. Not wanting to disappoint my buddies, I made them some nice new copies without errors, leaving me with three spare CDs containing the four XFM interview parts, John Peel’s introduction and various chit chat about the band, and all seven songs played on both of the radio sessions. As I said, there’s a little 2 second error on the third part of the XFM interview (which isn’t on the same MP3 available on this site), the sound quality of all the tracks isn’t the best you’ll ever hear and as I made them on my home CD burner, you might have a bit of trouble actually getting the things to play at all. But if you’d still like to have one of the copies, send an e-mail to with your name, your e-mail address and answer to the following question…

What is the name of one of Crimean lead singer Davey MacManus’ sisters?

Check out the radio session reviews if you need help. You’ve got until April 15th to get your answers in, and I’ll stick all correct entries into a hat, pick out three winners and get back in contact with you for an address to send the CD to. Good luck.

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  1. Denyer says:

    Yay for b-sides! =)

  2. d1939 says:

    Should of kept, girl just died for ‘the album of the year’


  3. Lucifer says:

    isnt that a pretty little boy on that cover?!!

    Lucifer x

  4. d1939 says:

    WHY YOU!!!!!!!!


  5. Lucifer says:

    little scamp that i am!!

    Lucifer x

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