Lottery Winners On AcidA month before the new single comes out, you can now download the Crimea’s Peel Session version of their last single Lottery Winners On Acid. Also available is the final song from their Peel Session, Forgotten. They’ll be there until April 22nd when some tracks from their Music: Response session will replace them. As well as these, I’ve put Fred Flintstone and Opposite Ends MP3s from the Klutzville Promo EP back up now I know neither of these will be on the next single.
The airing date of The Crimea’s appearance on Cable TV has finally been announced. The BBC 2W website has the date as Tuesday 15th April at 21:15, and says this about the show: Stuart Cable returns for some cosy chat with David Dickinson and Edith Bowman, plus music from The Darkness and Crimea. You’ll need BBC 2W, available in Wales, to view the show, so if anyone there would like to record the show for me I’d be really grateful, and could get some shots of the show up on the site.
New photos of the band have been added to the site. There’s some of them during the Monarch gig on March 25th, some old Crocketts photos from their appearance at the Day At The Races festival in Donnington in 2001, a couple of extras added to the index page of the Rummers gig photos and various things added to the other pictures section.

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6 Responses to “More MP3s and Cable TV appearance.”

  1. d1939 says:

    i think you can get the welsh channel through sky digital, if i remember checking for it the other day..i let you know channel number

  2. Lucifer says:

    heres the channels

    Wales – BBC 2W is available to viewers via:
    digital satellite on channel 102,
    digital terrestrial on channel 2,
    digital cable on channel 102

    Viewers with digital satellite can also receive BBC Two network (on channel 960).

    England – 2W is available to digital satellite viewers on channel 961.

    Scotland and Northern Ireland

    Digital satellite viewers in Scotland and Northern Ireland can watch BBC 2W on channel 962.

    Lucifer x

  3. d1939 says:

    Hey! i was gonna get the cheeky you have a mention on the new ‘news’…unfair


  4. Denyer says:

    Hmmm… it was on earlier this evening (Mon 14th) on BBC1 Wales… sorry, no VCR or cable to hook up the roof aerial in this house to my PC…

    They did "Fred Flintstone", and the lyrics were nice and clear. Possibly not the most political choice since it isn’t currently available to buy, but every bit of exposure helps! =)

  5. Christopher says:

    Did Julz make an appearance or was it just the lads?

  6. Denyer says:

    Looked to be just the guys… tho I’m unobservant at the best of times, much less when I’m listening to music, so dinnae quote me on it…

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