That “Kicks” Thing…

The KicksOhhh… so they didn’t win the *whoole* of Xfm, just one little song… Ok gotcha.

As detailed on the Xfm website, The Kicks are competition winners Philip McHugh and Jordan Heggie (no wonder they looked as lost as I felt hanging round this massive venue backstage) – who came together to create a single song for said Xfm competition. Their prize, amongst many other things, resulted in a prime slot supporting The Crimea, everyone’s favourite drummer-boy Owen “Which riff is it anyway” Hopkin filling in on drums, plus someone else who’s existence is somewhat unexplainable from myself but anyways…

The full song featuring OH was available on the Xfm site, but has since dissapeared somewhere, so for now you can have the low quality video clip from the gig last night up on YouTube.

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