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Well, whilst I’m going batshit mental over on with all the new Crimea stuff about, here’s some new, well, old, Crocketts pics turning up on Facebook.

Catriona GettyCatriona Getty has a load of shell-suited shots from the 90s, including what I do believe is one very fresh faced Boz.

Southampton Joiners Setlist, 240900 - Pete ColeA few different pics from Owen’s facebook page by Pete ColeOwen in 2000, the band chilling with everyone’s favourite twin-crox-fans ‘molly-n-polly’ molly and ‘polly-n-molly’ polly, and, well, yeah… All Conquering indeed. Oh to see a setlist like that again…

And there’s a suprisingly large number of old Crox fans suddenly appearing on Davey’s facebook, including comments on the Godvia festival (the only Crox gig I could have ever made myself, and didn’t, curses, but twas meant to be…) and something that lead to a Google search that lead to a website that, despite over 10 years running this site trawling the web for Crox / Crimea related links, seems to have gone undiscovered until yesterday….

An actual Crocketts fanpage/site. Good god have mercy.

God bless you, angelfire (home to this site’s old version). Anyway, said site above by the now much-older Laura Payne includes all manner of goodness including the wonderfully titled, small yet perfectly formed crockography, a small press review from the not-generally-so-generous NME, and yes, even some live pics! Hit more for some sort-of-with-permission copied content, or just hit the previous links for the real thing, until Angelfire finally implodes for good.

the crocketts

davey crockett – vocals & guitar
dan boon – guitar
rich turpin – bass
owen cash – drums

the crocketts’ sound is best likened to a gentle stroll through a park on a warm summer’s day. sort of. um.

from ireland, wales, the west country and the south comes a band whose live perfomances are no less than terrifying. especially if you don’t know what to expect. a cross between shane mcgowan and, er, something very loud, the crocketts are currently taking over the live scene with their blinding and really rather mental performances. they are not like anything you have ever heard before and the beauty of the crocketts is that this will either make you adore them or give you chronic indigestion. songs such as ‘stunner’, ‘will you still care’ and ‘tennessee’ just make you have to dance until you can’t help but get all dizzy and collapse in a lovely heap. but that’s okay because along comes the heart wrenching tale of the ‘bluster boy’—to slow things down a tad and make you marvel once more. and yes you really do have to concentrate on the crocketts because you never really know what they’re going to come up with next. from trashing their guitars to painting themselves green and having giant snowmen on stage which, er, conveniently crush ohsojoyfuljournalists…’s never a good idea to stand at the front of crocketts gigs.


title: hello and good morning
release date:
tracks: will you still care, stunner, cars and football, wednesdays in my bed
formats: cd (bdg5000353) 10″, rare promo (tracklisting: cars and football, will you still care, stunner, wednesdays in my bed) also available and i have one! eeee!

title: flowergirl
release date: 11th may 1998
tracklisting: flowergirl, mrs donnelly, banana breath baby (live), three lie ins (demo)
formats: cd (bdg5001593) and 10″

title: loved ya once
release date:
tracklisting: loved ya once, cash kitty, 21st birthday party (live), frog on a stick (demo)
formats: cd (bdg50001563) and 10″

title: explain
release date:
tracklisting: explain, rhinestone cowboy, inside head on
formats: cd (bdg5002523), 10″

title: we may be skinny and wirey
release date:
tracklisting: flowergirl, loved ya once, explain, blusterboy, girl next door, tennessee, will you still care, closet heroine, six soon to be seven, bucket & spade, autumn afternoon, strong guy, blue dog
formats: cd (bdg1002412)

title: james dean-esque
release date: 10/5/99
tracklisting: james dean-esque; billy the bunt; rapid pulsing breaths
format: cd (BDR5007753), 7″

also available: blue dog records split single featuring murry the hump plus georgeous fame & the three degrees (aka the crocketts, of course!)
release date: august ’98
tracklisting: green green grass of home (murry the hump), pedro (georgeous fame & the three degrees)
format: 7″ (bdgsc005)

the crocketts – press

We May Be Skinny And Wirey
nme 17 September 1998
(Blue Dog)

DAVEY CROCKETT, KING OF the Wild Frontier. Note those words: wild and frontier. Here, surely, is a band who are exploring the furthest reaches of pop’s vast continent, and doing it with a fearless spirit. Is that demanding too much of The Crocketts, a bunch of skinny ex-students from Aberystwyth? Well, their singer’s called Davey, so they’re asking for it really.

And, hell, the truth isn’t that bad, although much of this debut LP finds The Crocketts not so much infused with the pioneering spirit as cavorting in the wilderness, attempting to summon the ghost of The Waterboys. Anybody who tries to marry those most ill-matched of styles, punk and folk, is pushing their luck. Occasionally someone gets it right (The Pogues) but more often it’s a recipe for disaster (Levellers).

Thankfully, The Crocketts avoid earnest old-world spirituality and feckless odes to drink. They prefer to rage hard and curdle folk melodies with Davey’s splendidly Americanised primal howl and an intriguing array of influences that ranges from the Pixies to Violent Femmes on more countrified tracks like ‘Flower Girl’ and ‘Loved Ya Once’. The lapses into Mike Scott-style soul-searching are rare enough to be forgivable and the belligerent invective of ‘Strong Guy’ helps wipe such tedious tenderness from the memory; the frontiers may be long gone, but The Crocketts are set to have a wild old time regardless.


Ronan Munro

the garage, london, 19/5/98

Photos by Laura Payne.

Photo by Laura Payne
Photo by Laura Payne
Photo by Laura Payne
Photo by Laura Payne
Photo by Laura Payne
Photo by Laura Payne

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