Honk MagazineHonk Magazine’s website has an article on The Crimea recently posted on their website. Turns out the record deal they signed was with Nuxx, a spin-off from Warner-Chappel. There’s also some info on new guitarist Julz and something about a new album, so check out the article here or by clicking [More].
Gig News As revealed in the latest mailing list message, The Crimea are about to undertake a nationwide tour with The Basement, around the time of the White Russian Galaxy release. Also, if you’re going to the Borderline gig this Thursday, there’s a flyer up for download to get you in for ?6. There’s info on all that and all the tour dates so far on the gigs page.
Owen Hopkin has apparently written an article in the latest issue of the NME. It should be on page 61 and is about getting signed in the music industry. I’ve not got a copy yet but I’ll put up more details if and when I get them.
A new Crimea/Crocketts website has opened up. Crocketts Tab Center is a collection of Crocketts and Crimea tab from around the web, especially Crocketts Tab and Crocketts Musicpage. They need more tab though, so get over to and give them some support by submitting any guitar, drum, bass or keyboard tab you can think up.
The Cable TV show featuring The Crimea was show last night on BBC 1 Wales, and the band played a live version of Fred Flintstone. If you missed it, it’s on again tonight at 9.15pm on BBC 2 Wales.


The Crimea have inked a publishing deal with Warner-Chappel spin-off Nuxx, continuing a period of great interest from the music industry in the band, which features ex-Crocketts men Davey MacManus and Owen Hopkin.

Their burgeoning profile on the UK music scene has seen support from Radio 1?s John Peel and Xfm?s Zane Lowe who said of them, “They’ll be one of the biggest bands in the world in a year.”
Hopkin told Honk, “A guy called Joe Taylor signed us to Nuxx ? we’re his first signing to the label, having seen us at our shambolic In The City appearance. He’s obviously very easily pleased. The money from the deal will mean that we can record on better equipment and also mean touring won?t be as big a financial strain, and maybe, just maybe, we might be able to tour in something more luxurious than a Reliant Robin.
“We’re currently looking for a record deal. There are a couple of promising leads at the moment. It’s all looking good, but it’s all far from being concrete.”
Since the band’s In The City appearance last September, they have added guitarist Julia Parker to their line-up. “We needed an extra guitarist to fill out the live sound and to take the heat off Davey’s guitaring a little,” explained Hopkin. “She’s from the Gold Coast in Australia and been playing since she was seven; she’s 24 now. Julz is a phenomenally gifted musician and, outside of a Whitesnake video, the greatest guitarist I have ever seen or heard.”
A new single, White Russian Galaxy, is planned for release in May. The Crimea have also nearly finished their, as yet untitled, debut album.

Article taken from the Honk magazine website here.

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