But to start with…


Y U No enter competition? Bleh. You all loosers. Answer was Jam. Jam jam jam! (and bonus cinnamon and raisin bagel). Next gig, who knows. Guess the right answer and you might win something!

Oh and here’s a bigger and better pic of the signed album. Davey = My Hero. Well, him and benton fraser, mr blobby and quincy m.e. . Davey’s possibly the only non-fictional one though, despite my continued belief mr blobby is actually real (clearly shown in this historical image with myself and my sister, see, total real).

Square Moon signed cover.

And yes, more video. 720p of it (whatever that is, CRT forever here). Bad Vibrations by… someone not as quick at uploading as myself. Credit yourself in the comments or whatever, oh mystery filmogropher.

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