March 2002

17th March 2002
Found out about a possible Crocketts tribute band, called Thick Crocketts. Sounds just like Owen’s e-mail address. Maybe he set up a tribute just incase the band kicked him out.

Lots of crock goings on, including 3 emails from the band, and 2 messages left by owen on the message board.

From : “The Crocketts”
To : Undisclosed-Recipient:;
Subject : A gig – yay!
Date : Sun, 24 Mar 2002 20:03:54 -0000

dearly departed,
hi there. Davey and Dan from the crocketts will be playing acoustically in Belfast limelight on march 9th. In their first live appearance since cardiff arms park early last summer. come along and join the fun, the question of our future is currently being seriously addressed and details of this will be revealed in the next few weeks,


From : “The Crocketts”
To : Undisclosed-Recipient:;
Subject : Oops!
Date : Mon, 25 Mar 2002 21:14:17 -0000

In all the excitement of being active and announcing a gig and stuff, we actually messed the date up a bit. Rather than Dan and Davy’s gig in Belfast being on March th 7th, it’s on April 7. Sorry

Davy Dan Owen

From : “The Crocketts”
To : Undisclosed-Recipient:;
Subject : Oops – we did it again
Date : Mon, 25 Mar 2002 23:59:11 -0000

Davy and Dan’s gig is DEFINITELY on April the 9th at the Limelight in Belfast. Honest.

Davy Dan Owen

RE: Fear not dear hearts
owen – 25 Mar – 11:49:39 PM

Sorry, we cocked the date up. It’s in April (7th or 9th – whatever the number was on the original e-mail).

and as for splitting up, that’s bollocks.


RE: Hello and Good Morning EP
owen – 25 Mar – 11:45:47 PM

If you want to hang on a week or two, we’ll have a fully fledged merchandise page on the website with everything we’ve ever recorded (plus t-shirts etc.) on sale.


27th March 2002
IT’S THE BLOODY 7TH! Incase anyone’s thinking of going. Well, it is according to the BBC.

Sunday 7, Turn, Desert Hearts, Kidd Dynamo, Kernal Krok, Limelight, Belfast, 8.30pm, ?6
From this BBC site.
That’s the Davey and Dan acoustic gig, at the Limelight, in Belfast, on Sunday the 7th April.
Would anyone else like to fuck up the dates/venue?

In other news, it’s Dan’s birthday. Happy birthday mr man, hope you get lots of cake, and presents, and a new record deal.

31st March 2002
Ok, according to Holly it’s the 9th. Whenever it is, sounds like you better get yourself over to Belfast. Davey and Dan are gonna be singing all new tracks, and they’re looking for a keyboard player. Apply here.

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