Excuse the mess.

Mucking about with layouts. Could well mess a few things up. Seems in 10 years screen sizes have expanded a little too much to be useful, so I’m setting a fixed width on the content. This is much harder due to WordPress having updated itself out of compatibility with the template, and me having forgotten how the hell I wrote the HTML back in 2003. Seems OK for now… maybe I’ll finally get round to fixing the non-blog pages too :) (they only need a single header line, but, meh…

Also, if any Crimea fans still exist, and any happen to be HTML / XHTML / PHP / CSS / etc coders, and have enough will and love for the band…. anyone else fancy being official inaudible website tech? You get to have fun with my undocumented code and improve things via WordPress and all manner of Web 1.0 apps?

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