Crack Me Please

Just like an egg.


7Digital & Warner Bros, in their infinite wisdom, infested this alternate OoA track with DRM. And have since shutdown the servers that allow it to be verified, or any normal drm-stripper to do it’s work – that requires the original key, from the now non-existent server. I did it once, but before multiple formats, lost files, etc. So, basically, no track.

If you have a copy that plays, can get this one playing, or can otherwise circumvent the thing, get in touch. The Kernel demands it ;)

EDIT: Well that didn’t take long. God bless paranoia-enduced over-the-top backup strategies – this comes via a dusty old DVD tucked away on the shelf, marked ARIA BACKUP 12/04/06 – “Aria” being my entire PC as of date, knew I’d have it somewhere ;) .

The Crimea – Out Of Africa.mp3

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