Treasure Each Day

Waaayyy back in 2006 I mentioned a release by The Love Bus, released by Felicity Burdett, one of the many talented Gold Coast musicians I heard about through Julz who also happens to feature on lead guitar throughout the album.

It’s a great album, with tracks mostly based around Felicity’s two children Sky & Kayla, though at first I figured she was just going on about some pets or something until I found this out. I’ve never heard someone quite so in love with her kids & family as this – see tracks Daughters, The World, and, well, all of it. Without knowing any of them, the whole album makes you feel an intimate part of their early lives. Anyway, Felicity is also one of my favourite female vocalists ever and it’s an album I still listen to more than most.

Going With The FlowThe whole thing can be purchases below, and I’ve attached a couple tracks for the heck of it. – The entire album for purchase. Do it do it do it :) – Yeah, people had MySpace pages, once…

The Love Bus – Tears Like Waterfalls
The Love Bus – Life Is What You Make It
The Love Bus – Treasure

And that was that. Until earlier today, when a random facebook post and a quick google let to just about the saddest news I’ve ever heard. I’ll let Google break your hearts; I just hope Felicity’s doing ok, I’m sure everyone in Aus is looking after her. *heart* If nothing else, they had the most loving (and, hell, talented) mum ever. As Davey just randomly posted – totally unrelated, I’m sure – “Dear world, why are you so utterly + confusing + demonic + barbed”.

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  1. Megs says:

    So heartwrenching and so so tragic… I will always picture those beautiful little girls when I listen to their amazing mum sing.

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