MP3s and gig news.

Music: ResponseThe next bunch of MP3s are up and available for download. Lottery Winners On Acid and Fred Flintstone were played live on XFM’s Music: Response show on 27 March 2003. They’re slightly better quality than the Peel Session recordings so get over to the downloads section and have a listen. You can also still get the song that Davey likes to call “It’s raining financial advisers”. Forgotten will be available for the foreseeable future as the band have asked me to keep it up on the site.
Two new gigs have been confirmed. The Crimea play at The Windmill in Brixton this Sunday (4th) and at The Borderline in London on Tuesday 20th May. Make sure to check the gigs section for information on all future gigs for the band.
Owen Hopkin has said that there will definitely be a 7″ vinyl to go along with the White Russian Galaxy CD single although at the moment it’s not known whether they’ll be selling any merchandise at future gigs like they did during the LWOA release tour.

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4 Responses to “MP3s and gig news.”

  1. D1939 says:

    They sold merchandise at some of their gigs….?


  2. Christopher says:

    Lottery Winners On Acid CD. It was in the middle of a load of Levellers stuff for sale at the York gig. I only just noticed it and then realised i might not have enough money for it and seeings how Davey was talking to me at the time I wondered what he’d do if I asked him to lend me some money for it but turns out I had enough so yeah, they sold merchandise at some of their gigs.

  3. d says:

    oh alright i think i remember you saying that…my mistake…what we want are t-shirts next!!


  4. Denyer says:

    Reminds me, I must get a cheque and order in the mail to Owen…

    Mmm, yeah! Would definitely like to see a Crimea t-shirt!

    Any idea if the 7" would feature exclusive material, or just be a nod to those people who still have turntables? I’m hoping it’s the second.

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