Peel, shop stock and gigs.

Crimea fan John Peel decided to give the new single an airing on Wednesday 30th last month. You know the deal; the recording’s here, skip to 1 hour 30 minutes for the track and see the show’s tracklisting here or through the salmon coloured button.
Owen’s given me another update on the state of the Crocketts merchandise he’s selling. The skinny olive coloured Nuke Ibitha t-shirts are all gone, as are the medium Unamazing Disgrace t-shirts. Everything else is still available through the shop page.
A bit more info on Sunday’s gig at Brixton Windmill, The Crimea will be on at 7.00pm with the other bands playing between 5pm and 11pm.

All the tracks, so far:
Rachmaninov – ”Moderato’ from Piano Concerto No.2′ (Polydor International)
Vaults – ‘Furry’ (Peel Session)
Bounty Killer – ‘Cut Up (7″)’ (Jammy’s)
V/VM – ‘The Lady in Red (LP ‘Sick Love’)’ (Offal)
Calexico – ‘Not Even Stevie Nicks’ (Peel Session)
Chromatics – ‘Washed Up on a Beach of Infants (LP ‘Chrome Rats vs. Basement Rutz” (Gold Standard Laboratories)
Beetseekers – ‘Walk of Notes (12″)’ (Joof)
Meets Guitar – ‘George Collins (2×7″- the twominutemen2)’ (Jonson Family)
This Ain’t Vegas – ’222 (LP ‘The Black Lung Captain” (NA)
Doris Day and the Four Lads – ‘The Second Star to the Right’ (Columbia)
Cowcube – ‘Sprite’ (Demo)
Buzzcocks – ‘Jerk (7″)’ (Damaged Goods)
Mampi Swift – ‘Play Me (EP ‘Autobots)’ (Charge (White Label)
Casio vs. Japan – ‘It’s Very Sunny (LP ‘Go Hawaii’)’ (Wobblehead)
Calexico – ‘Quattro’ (Peel Session)
XBXRX – ‘A Leach A Gerd Ecker (LP ‘Science In the Shape of Birds” (Toyo)
Zea – ‘Counting Backwards Leads to Explosions (LP ‘Today I Forgot to Complain” (Transformed Dreams)
Styles and Breeze – ‘Oxygen (12″)’ (Raver Baby)
Half Man Half Biscuit – ‘Deep House Victim’s Minibus Appeal (LP ‘Voyage To The Bottom of the Road” (Probe Plus)
Travis Wammack – ‘It’s Karate Time (7″)’ (Atlantic)
The Dirty Switches – ‘That’s Right (7″)’ (Hook)
Beenie Man – ‘Row (7″)’ (King of Kings)
The Crimea – ‘White Russian Galaxy (CDS)’ (Double Dragon Music)
Jimmy Reed – ”I’ll Change My Mind’ (LP ‘Just Jimmy Reed’)’ (Joy Records)
Amit – ‘Dub Soldier (EP ‘Quad’ 2×12″)’ (Function)
Calexico – ‘Alone Again Or’ (Peel Session)
Dipstick – ‘La Barra Del Diablo (LP ‘Transistor Radio’) ‘ (Weed)
New Order – ‘Vietnam (LP-Hope:For The Children of Iraq)’ (London)
Stars – ‘This Charming Man (EP-A Lot Of Little Lies For The Sake Of One Truth)’ (Le Grand Magistery)

Form John Peel’s Radio 1 show tracklisting for 30/4/03 here.

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