While Davey’s lyrics had indelibly inked themselves on to many a mind, never quite have they done so much so to man’s own body:

Lyrics Tattoo

I’m proud to say I correctly figured the lyrics from even this small resolution, but for the uneducated, here’s the much larger version, original lyrics on the evidently back-in-fashion MySpace or just formatted by yours truely.

The original, and best Davey ink love though, still goes to D1939 and his arm-o-face-o-doom. Something like that. Watch out, Mr Lyric Man, lest Davey drag you in front of a thousand cameras too.

D1939 Tattoo

Nice to see Davey still sports his much more minimalistic option though ;) So, is that a real tattoo Davey? And are you really gonna let these guys outdo you? ?? :)

Davey Tattoo

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