Over the moon, under the influence…

By popular request (ok, some guy’s tattoo…): More poorly ratioed Youtube vids! Actually, it’s just Stoned, the track that finally gave this site a relatively topical domain name.

Originally heard as a demo track in a video on the old official Warners site (I believe recorded whilst they were in a Warner Bros office in the USA, but idk, total guess), this was recorded sometime mid 2005. As I said, the res is shit on Youtube, so grab the original video instead if you can be bothered.

The Crimea – Down on the

It was then recorded and released as a free download, as a “B-side” to the free Loop-a-Loop download(s). The other B-side was Can’t Forget You Girl, a track based around the melody originally in The Great Unknown (itself on the Tragedy Rocks album ;) ). Clearly a fountain of Crimea knowledge, me. Anyway, MP3s:

The Crimea – Stoned
The Crimea – Can’t Forget You Girl

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2 Responses to “Over the moon, under the influence…”

  1. Kong says:

    Hey Chris,

    Yep this video was ‘shot’ in Oxford, Mississippi at the flat we had rented for the 2 and a bit months we were there. There were only 4 bedrooms, and 5 people in the band back then… That meant that one person had to sleep in the lounge. The bed in the lounge is behind the sofa which Davey is on.

  2. Christopher says:

    Random historic insights from the bass-master there :)

    You don’t have anyone who can records VCRs to mpeg do you? Keep meaning to re-setup my kit to do Davey’s old stuff but too much else to do.

    Thanks for getting me in to all the gig stuff anyways, lord knows there’s no WAGs to do rely on these days for inside tips :(

    So when’s the next one again?

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