Fear of Literacy

First, there was the Mailing List. It ended. It ended again. It was quickly resurrected. And continued running, even to this day – to get on it, I forget, email Owen or something…

Next, there was the Tour Diary, firstly on their official site, then mirrored here, like practically half the interwebs last decade.

Then, there was MySpace. What? No, I dunno either… Apparently it’s a socialmcsomething. Whoever.

Not content with one social space, the Facebook took over from ‘Space’s reign, bringing even more socially-awkward and commentable musings.

Finally – well, clearly not finally, if history is anything to go by – there’s Tumblr. Having spent the last 15 minutes clicking through a near un-navigable hell-hole of a MySpace blog design, I can honestly asure you this really is the complete collection of all Davey’s MySpace and Facebook blogs to date, starting from just after the afformentioned Tour Diary, running through the entire MySpace blogs (starting 9th June 05 through 1st July 2011) and all Facebook post following through the current July 3rd 2012 one.

Frankly, it’s even better formatted than the previous blogs, with some entries I can’t find even on them. So, the heck to you, social media – Tumblr ftw! Maybe I can finally find that fabled Davey quote I’ve been looking for. Or just waste another week of my life reading it all again :) Only thing missing is those ever wonderful comments, but hey, what do you think this site if for, eh?

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