And we’re back!

As Murray Walker would say: “go, Go, GO!”.

Silly deprecated ampersands in old computer code, killed the site until I noticed it a month ago (and only just got round to fixing); another reason I hate PCs. Anyway, first things first, the last comment to be added here – which I’ve only just seen:

September 21, 2012 at 7:54 am

A correction for the history books and crimea boffins of which you are well and truly alone christopher, I wrote and played that solo in tragedy rocks d xxx

Well indeed, I may be alone, but honest to god, at least in this recording, is that really you? *reaally*? (non-boffins, hit this, skip about 2/3rds in for the solo). If that’s not julz I’ll eat my cork-appendaged hat. I said cork. Whatever. As far as I can tell, this post is what started the original argument. Feel free to jump in with an explanation of what davey’s on about this time though. You can’t win though. Really, you can’t.

Next up, a quizzical puzzle for all you Crimea boffins.

Oh, wait…

Well anyway, not-quite-nearly-boffin rest of you can help out too, cos I right disgraced myself by suggesting this could have been Someone’s Crying (“i think i remember you shouting gods of war towards the end of something… “the gods of war…and the bastard that created them all….” bwarararghhgh massive bass riff feedback mess…”) before almost immediately realising my terrible error. From everyone’s other favourite forgetful lyricist:

[Do you have a] recording of gods of war and whos laughing now

The latter was duly provided (thanks Simon and your mac hacking skills, whomever you may be). “Gods of War” however is baffling me. The track mentioned above was indeed Weird, but are there any other Gods of War out there? If you have a track titled “Gods Of War”, or just one mentioning them, feel free to link it up in the comments. If it’s actually by The Crimea, all the better.

Oh and, one more thing…

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3 Responses to “And we’re back!”

  1. Julz Parker says:

    I think everyone is right on this one .. Davey did write and originally play that solo but the version from MS1 is me playing it. I wasn’t 100% sure till i also listened to forgotten from the same gig and now i’m sure i was there so would’ve played the Tragedy Rocks Solo in that version. BTW .. do you have many other recordings from that era.
    stoked to have these ones!

  2. Christopher says:

    Oh come on Julz, it was obviously you :p no one else would (or could) play the chords in that way with so many fiddly bits and riffs inbetween (eg. @ 0:37 – 0:40, you can hear davey on rhythm at same time) :)

    Plus, this is Davey’s attempt at the same song: @ 0:20. I’m saying nuthin :| But oh how I lul everytime I hear it :)

    anyway, yeah, I have whole gigs recorded, how many you want? :p

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