And *They’re* Back!

Promo Shot 2013Well, I said one more thing… This might actually count as quite a few more things :) Yup, you didn’t think they were dead did you? (well, I did, but that’s me right put in my place). Now, to rediscover my old image directory structure… Where the hell did I put those files… And how the heck do I write news posts again? Meh. Here goes…

They’re back! Yup, like everyone’s favourite Ghostbusting sequel, the boys are back with more new news to know than you knew you could know news. Firstly, we’re not the only refreshed website back in action. has had a facelift too. Like it?


Social media addict I may not be – I’m gonna join Davey in sitting on the fence for this stuff – but the rest of you, who actually know what a Twitter is, The Crimea now has one! @The_Crimea is where you can find all the tweeting goodness. If I ever figure out how to use the damn thing, I may put a feed to the right of this page or somethingwhatever.

Wait, you want real news? Ok then.

They just signed to a new record lable!

Actually, not one, but two, for good measure. The lucky, lucky, lucky chaps over at Lazy Acre Recording Company and Alcopop! Records are about to get the ole news-feed archiving treatement below, but for now, simply check out their sites for all the gosip. They both of course also have one of these twitting things, @ilovealcopop and @lazyacrerecords will continue to befuzzle me until I get the hang of posting news in 140 characters.

Yeah, fuck that.

13509_largeAlbum Release! Inded. You can’t fit “fffffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” in 140 characters can you?

Crimea album Square Moon will get another, hopefully much less limited release, on double vinyl record (and inevitable download) towards the end of July (officially, 29th, but you know what these boys are like with time keeping). Both Lazy Acre and Alcopop already have a sample up of every G.I.’s favourite, Last Plane Out Of Saigon. Not to be left out, hit more to hear it in all it’s flash player glory (yeah, it really slows down the main page loading), and remember to sing along. “#We’re better together…#”

Oh yeah, gigs. Ruddy gigs! If you haven’t checked the official website already, here you go:

12th July 2013 – 2000 Trees Festival
30th July 2013 – Jazz Café, London

I think it’s fair to say, get booking your days off work now! And don’t fret if you can’t make these, there should be plenty more to come.

I think I’m running out of space now, so I’ll spare you any more. Other than pointing you towards the clearly-quite-good Kate Booker / Faded Photography who appears to be providing the band’s new PR shots. Kate, if I ever e-mail you, run a mile. You’ll never hear the last of me. :)


Lazy Acre and Alcopop sign THE RUDDY CRIMEA!!!

Lazy Acre is super super proud to announce that (in collaboration with our handsome friends at Alcopop Records) we will be shortly releasing a new album from one of our favourite bands The Crimea.

Its fair to say that we here on Lazy Acre have been in love with this band since we first saw Davey singing about Baby Booms and Lottery Winners on Acid years back at the Shepherds Bush Empire. To be able to release this new album (which is coming out on super sexy double 12″ vinyl) is a genuine honour and we are stoked to be working with the awe-inspiring Alcopop to bring it to you.

As well as the album, the band are set to return this summer with a slot at 2000 Trees festival and a headline show at The Jazz Café in London.

Based around the lovelorn lyrics of Davey McManus, Square Moon is a dazzling technicolour tour de force through woozy pop, ragged folk and desolate piano led tracks – best exemplified by the track LAST PLANE OUT OF SAIGON which can be heard here::::

PR Shot 2013

From – 24/04/2013



Dear Poppers. This is a proper weird one for me to write. Back in like 1996 I went to see The Levellers somewhere in Leicester. I was young, I went to the show with my mum and a few pals and discovered, for the first time, falling in love with a band I’d never heard of before. That band were The Crocketts, an incredible flurry of filth, fury and fucking insanely good indie tunes. As my mother baulked, frontman Davey screamed, hollered and flung his guitar about like I was plastic – and I was hooked ever since.

They went on to swiftly become my most-watched band, most admired tee (viking helmet mixed with a Safe Sex and Pillage vibe works for me) and basically soundtracked my teenage life. The Hello and Good Morning EP remains, to this day, the very best EP I’ve ever listened too – and we spent our most rock-star moments meeting them as youngsters.

Years later – they split, but from the ashes came The Crimea… Another incredible band who became massive favourites, and became one of those bands I dreamed of working with as Alcopop! I saw them at the Barfly, bought all the records, and was amazed when they became the first band to give away their brand new album on the internet, in a move that Q Magazine labelled the move as one of the top 5 moments that changed music history.

Returning after a hiatus, following the release of the bands second album “Secrets of the witching hour”, the band are set to return this summer WITH US (and our pals at Lazy Acre) with a slot at 2000 Trees festival, a headline show at The Jazz Café in London and the release of a new double vinyl album “Square Moon”

Based around the lovelorn lyrics of Davey McManus, Square Moon is a dazzling technicolour tour de force through woozy pop, ragged folk and desolate piano led tracks – best exemplified by the track LAST PLANE OUT OF SAIGON which can be heard here::::

This, ladies and gentlemen and handsome poppers of the jury, is a massive day for me. I do hope you like em xx

From – 24/04/2013

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