THE CANCELLED NOTTINGHAM GIG So, you got your £20 worth of train tickets nice and early, got to the venue by 5pm so you didn’t miss a thing and paid £7 on the door for tickets after the door man kindly reassured you the band would be putting on a good show. Minutes later you’re listening to a band called the Open and for once people are saying “I’m sure that’s not Davey Crockett”. Well they’d be right. The venue double booked bands for the gig and The Crimea were cancelled. Hopefully not to many people went out of their way to get there but if you did, click on [More] to find out what you can do to make yourself feel a little better.

The following was posted on the message board by the Crimea’s manager to someone who went to the gig.

Posted on 7/5/2003 at 09:26:46 PM by Paul Flanagan

Joe, sorry you had a wasted night. It was totally out of our control but the venue were well aware that we were not going to be able to play last night. We are back in Nottingham in June so please drop me an email with your details and I will make sure you and your friends are on the guest list and we can get you a drink at the show.
Paul Flanagan

And that goes for everyone who went to the gig for The Crimea. If you think you’ll be able to get to the next gig in Nottingham, get in touch with band manager Paul Flanagan on with your name and the fact that you missed out on seeing the band and he should put you on the guest list so you get into the gig for free, and just think of the blackmailing opportunities when you feel like asking Davey if you can *borrow* his guitar .

God knows how I’d have felt spending loads on tickets to see a band that didn’t turn up. Luckily it’s never happened to me, but I feel sorry for anyone it did. Like I said before, if you went out of your way to get to the gig, aswell as contacting the band’s manager you can get in contact me with your e-mail address and I’ll try and sort something out for you. No, I’m not planning on refunding £70 worth of train tickets. And even though this site address is on the covers of Crimea singles and is considered the official site by many, I don’t have much to do with the band (cue the unofficially title of this section) so I can’t get Davey to come round to your house and give you a kiss either. But whatever I think up, it should make you a little happier about missing the band so either e-mail me on, or leave your e-mail address on the message board or comments section to this post referring to you missing the gig, and I’ll get back to you.

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