April 2002

From : “The Crocketts”
Subject : Erm… sorry about this
Date : Mon, 1 Apr 2002 14:43:57 +0100

Yeah, we know, we’re getting as tired of this as you are. We can though, absolutely 100%, confirm that the Davy and Dan acoustic gig in the Limelight, Belfast will take place on SUNDAY, April 7th.

We’re so sorry for the confusion

Davy Dan Owen

Like I said, it’s the bloody 7th.

2nd April 2002
New Crocketts tracks!!!!
Head over to, click on the tacks link and download the brand new Crocketts song, Fred Flintstone. I’ll try and get the lyrics up soon. Sounds like a bit of a cross between Ash and the Eels. Maybe they could finaly make it. :o )

11th April
I’ve just seen the stock list for the new shop and it looks pretty good, some stuffs very limited though so get your checks of straight away, just after i’ve sent mine.
The list includes all cd’s except frog on a stick, all vinyl except loved ya once.
Various promo cd’s including a crocketts compilation promo and an acoustic promo.
Explain, host, on something videos and a live barfly sessions video.
All tshirts in one size or another apart from the motorhead style shirt.
Like I said, some stuff is very limited so wait till the shop opens then get your money off quickly. If you miss out, and other second hand shops have alot of the cd’s and vinyl. If you’re anywhere near York, check out Wild Cat Records, i got a nintendo fallacy promo from there a few weeks ago, and they usually have 1 or 2 second hand crox cd’s in stock.

19th April
Looks like The Crocketts have decided to change their name to Klutzville. The name is on all their new demos, and they were on XFM a couple of days ago as Klutzville. So far I only know of two songs under the Klutzville name – Fred Flintstone from the site and White Russian Galaxy (known as Who Knows on the demos) which was played on XFM, plus a Demo album sent to a couple of people. Not me. Grr. They should be playing in London around June. I say look out for a new website too. Sounds pretty nice but I don’t wanna see dissapear.

27th April
There’s a review of the Klutzville demo up on Channel 4 teletext.
To see it for yourself, go to ch.4, turn on teletext, go to page 457 and wait for pg. 2 to come up.

Pick of the Week
Klutzville guitarist Danny used to play in a fair-to-middling UK indie combo (no names no pack drill, he requests) and clearly knows what he’s doing.

This first demo showcases five tracks of poised indie rock, the first teo of which, bizarrely, both mention Tarzan.

The best track is the endearingly daft, bittersweet Fred Flintstone. They play in June: could be worth seeing.

by Ian Grittins

28th April
I may get told off for putting this here, but here it is anyway. The list of what’s gonna be in the crock shop at If it ever opens.
Hello and Good Morning EP – CD and 10″
Loved Ya Once – CD
Flower Girl – CD and 7″
Explain – CD and 7″
James Dean-esque – CD, Promo CD and 7″
Nintendo Fallacy – CD and Promo CD
On Something – CD1, CD2 and Promo CD
1939 Returning/Chicken vs. Macho – CD1, CD2 and 7″
We May Be Skinny And Wirey – CD (limited stock) and 12″
The Great Brain Robbery – CD
Promo CD feat. James Dean-esque, 1939, Mrs. Playing Dead, Lucifer, Host and Closet Heroine.
Acoustic Promo CD feat. On Something, Insect Man, Chicken vs. Macho, 1939.
Explain Video
Host Video
On Something Video
Barfly Sessions live Video
Street Team Bottle Green colour T-shirt – Medium and Large
Nuke Ibitha Olive Green colour T-shirt – Skinny and Large
Nuke Ibitha Destert Storm colour T-shirt – Large
I don’t fucking think so long sleeve T-shirt (light blue body, dark blue sleeves) – Xtra Large
I don’t fucking think so long sleeve T-shirt (white body, dark blue sleeves) – Skinny
I don’t fucking think so long sleeve T-shirt (grey body, dark blue arms) – Skinny
I don’t fucking think so long sleeve T-shirt (white body, dark blue sleeves) – Skinny
I Don’t FCUKING think so White colour T-shirt – Skinny
Unamazing Disgrace Black colour T-shirt – Skinny, Medium and Large
James Dean-esque Sand colur T-shirt – Large

Enough to keep everyone happy. Here’s a list of crocks stuff I know about that ISN’T gonna be in the shop.

Japaneese Version of The Great Brain Robbery
1939 Returning Promo
Loved Ya Once 7″
Loved Ya Once Video
Flower Girl Video
“no sleep til guildford” Motorhead style Black coloured Baby-T
Crocketts Army Dark Green coloured T-shirt
Crockett’s Army Dark Green coloured T-shirt
Crocketts Army Black coloured Baby-T
Nintendo Fallacy Gray cloured T-shirt
I want your tongue between my teeth Navy Blue T-shirt
Tresspass on your heath Navy Blue T-shirt
Old Cd’s (frog on a stick, mr crockett, pedro)

29th April
No sooner said than done. Get your wee ass over to the CROCKETTS.NET SHOP right now for the below mentioned goodies. Only ?2.50 for a single, ?6 for a shirt, and that includes p&p. and NEW TRACKS :o ) could a day get any better? Not for about 3 years it couldn’t. And I believe the 5 tracks available for download are the ones on the 5 track EP. Now I just need to figure out some more lyrics.

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