Another day, another bunch of Crimea news for you all. Playlouder have a review of the Kerrang! Weekender festival in Sussex in April. The Crimea were there, they saw them play, and my oh my did they ever love them. Click here for the full review or on [More] for the Crimea bit.
I did some updates on the links pages at last. There’s now new site links and review links for you to look at.
One day I’ll get bored of posting news about a Davey MacManus fronted band being played on the biggest radio station in the UK. That day is not today. Surprise surprise, Mr Peel, also known as Uncle John to the band, gave the new single a spin last night. Hear the show recording here (WRG’s at 1:10 in), see the tracklisting here.

It’s been a great weekend for rock – but it gets even better. Everybody knows The Crimea will make an incredible album, probably very soon, and their songs sound unbelievably fine. Sometimes like Eels, occasionally a bit Flaming Lips-like, and every now and then knocking on Pixies door – they rule. Davey ex-Crockett staggers, swaggers, sweats and puffs like a wailing banshee on ‘I Was Wrong’ and firstborn are presented at the greatness of ‘The Miserablist Tango’. The weekend is worth it for they alone.

Review by Andy Barding from the Kerrang! Weekender review on the Playlouder website here.

From my intimate knowledge of all things Crimea, I think I Was Wrong refers to Allah (aka Allah Was Wrong, sounds a bit like I…) and The Misserablist Tango is the formerly titled No One Gets It Right. Why oh why can’t Davey stick to the popular one song – one name theory…

John Peel Tracklistings: 7/5/2003
Plus System – ‘Na Na Na (12″)’ (EvolutionPlus)
Luciano – ‘Love and Devotion (7″)’ (PowPow)
The Cranebuilders – ‘You Can’t Get at Her (EP- Just Idleness)’ (Ten People Tall)
The Black Keys – ‘Set You Free’ (Peel Session)
The Soul Lifters – ‘Hot, Funky and Sweaty (7″)’ (Funk45)
Glenn Phillips – ‘Angel Sparks (LP- Angel Sparks)’ (Gaff Music)
Henry Fiat’s Open Sore – ‘Wanted: Petite Female Born 1972 (EP- Patmos Or Bust)’ (Wrench)
Jindri – ‘Jatt Hanio (LP- Jindri)’ (Kizmet)
Of Arrowe Hill – ‘Grandmother’s Steps (LP- The Spring Hill Penny Dreadful – and Other Tales of Morbid Curiosity)’ (Must…Destroy)
Agent Cooper – ‘EVA 01 (LP- We Are)’ (UnGleich)
The Black Keys – ‘Hard Row ‘ (Peel Session)
Carroll Gibbons – ‘I’m Stepping Out With A Memory Tonight’ (Columbia)
Smylyssina – ‘We Can Fake It (LP- We Can Fix It Remixes)’ (Vertical Form)
Gary Numan – ‘Hybrid (LP- Hybrid)’ (Jagged Halo)
Caruso – ‘Anna’s Dream (EP- You Heard Me)’ (Pickled Egg)
Black, Rock n Ron – ‘That’s How I’m Living (12″)’ (Next Plateau)
The Crimea – ‘White Russian Galaxy’ (Double Dragon)
The Black Keys – ‘No Trust’ (Peel Session)
Cowcube – ‘Sprite’ (Peel Session)
Stakka – ‘Metalaw (EP- Clockwork)’ (Underfire)
Calamateur – ‘Bad Day (EP- Autocity)’ (Timshel)
Beenie Man – ‘Bring it On (7″)’ (South Rakkas Crew)
The Gay – ‘Fishin’ Jim (7″)’ (Mint)
Laura Cantrell – ‘Queen of the Coast (LP- Not The Tremblin’ Kind)’ (Spit )
The Black Keys – ‘The Moan’ (Peel Session)
Appliance – ‘Fruits of the Sea (LP- Are You Earthed?)’ (Mute)
Spectre – ‘Brain Damage (LP- Combat Dub)’ (Bangarang)

From the John Peel show tracklisting for 7/5/03 found here.

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5 Responses to “Kerrang! fest. gig review and a guy called Peel.”

  1. craig says:

    i forgot to mention, the latest issue of Kerrang has a live review of the Crimea t borderline and gives the 4 Ks. the review is by someone with the surname Bryant but it isnt Lucy. im at uni so i dont have a scanner handy, soz dude.

  2. Christopher says:

    You could have said yesterday :o S another trip into town is in order… Aynone else wanna scan a copy of the Fly for me?

  3. Martin says:

    Heard WRG on BBC radio London 94.9 at 9ish on weds – not sure who’s show that is. Nearly crashed the car as a result of my excitement!!

  4. Christopher says:

    You should have been there when I heard Isobel on Colin Murray. Fell out of my bed I did.

  5. Gregg says:

    The Black Keys know how to rock!!!

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