While we wait for gigs…

I just stumbled over my old YouTube account, which seems to have just been unblocked by the powers that be (don’t ask…). So anyways, I found plenty of old Crimea vids on it, including the below. If you’ve never snuck in to a Crimea soundcheck before – I say snuck, you just walk in to be fair – here’s your virtual chance to watch, well, not much really. The band getting blinded by lights, and a cameo from sound tech Rae. Jesus no one even swears. Unlike some videos. Sorry for the random editing too, missed the start of one song. So without further ado, Christmas 2006′s soundcheck. Now make sure you get to one during the upcoming shows – I can’t be the only one to piss everyone off all the time ;) .

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4 Responses to “While we wait for gigs…”

  1. Ste says:

    The Raining Planets begins with a recorded version I’ve not heard before. Anyone know where I can hear this in full? Were there Witching Hour demos or something?

  2. Christopher says:

    Oh there were demos, plenty of demos, demos coming out of everywhere, infinately exceding any of the released stuff, year after year :) Which is apparently what everyone always says to davey so I’ll shut up. I’ll dump a post with the MP3 shortly.

  3. [...] Ste: Whomever you may be, a request for the Raining Planets version referenced in this post, which is slightly different from the released one appearing on the free Secrets Of The Witching [...]

  4. Ste says:

    Thanks Christopher, much appreciated. Our paths have crossed online before, you used my videos from the Crimea christmas gig a few years back. Keep those demos coming if you can! I’d like to hear them :)

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