The Crimea on Cable TVIn the middle of updating the whole site, I’ve just got time to give you an update on what’s happening with the band…
They’re in the middle of the WRG release tour and there’s a review and photos up of their recent appearance in Sheffield.
Tonight’s gig at the Borderline was previewed in last week’s Independent, take a look at the article here.
A scan of the Crimea article in The Fly is up on the press clippings page, with a version signed by the band while in Sheffield.
If you missed the Crimea’s Peel Session, don’t worry because it’s being repeated on Radio 1 on Thursday May 29th.
The ever changing is now a popular Crimea discussion forum for all those unimpressed by the simple message board on this site.
Screenshots of the Cable TV appearance are available thanks to D1939. Davey, Joe and Andy played an acoustic version of Fred Flintstone and I have a typically bad MP3 and video recording of the show, though I’ll still try and find some way making them available through the website.

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17 Responses to “Updates.”

  1. d1939 says:

    Thanks for the quick return Christopher!!
    Hope you liked it

  2. Denyer says:

    Design looks pretty iffy on anything less than 1024×768… use more percentage widths and don’t stick too many graphics in a row…

  3. Christopher says:

    grrr no it doesn’t i spent all day making sure it looked fine on 800*600, the pictures and links on the left of the main page are meant to move off the screen on 800*600 and there’s not much i can do about the news page. you should stop using a crappy 15" monitor anyway ;o)

  4. Christopher says:

    send a screenshot of anything you think looks bad to and i’ll try and sort it out.

  5. Denyer says:

    I have a very nice 15" TFT, the base mode of which is 1024×768… however, I use a slim ‘favorites’ sidebar like many people… 800×600 is still the res to design for…

    Screenshots for 800×600 mailed… works in one browser but not the other…

  6. Christopher says:

    Other Resolution 18940 %93.32
    1024×768 725 %3.57
    800×600 479 %2.36
    1280×1024 78 %0.38
    640×480 33 %0.16
    1152×864 31 %0.15
    1600×1280 9 %0.04

    from my site stats. most of them will be me, it’s obviously not recording stuff right but at least i have an excuse. as for netscape, i forgot to check it :o ( and get rid of the sidebar. and get a proper monitor. and get the crox to pay me for all this.

  7. Segorney Cleaver says:

    Hello, im not going to moan about how it looks on my puter, dont worry, i dont really care to be honest as nothing really works on my hunk of crap…just wondering if the third MP3 from the XFM session is going to be availible at any point? xxx

  8. Christopher says:

    so it’s just me, my 4 computers and college’s 4000 that it looks ok on then? :o ( grrr.
    as for the mp3, you’ll have noticed that it’s white russian galaxy and as it’s being released in about 6 days :o D i didn’t want to put anything up for download that would stop people from buying the single, but owen said it was ok ages ago so i’ll stick it up sometime but maybe not for too long.
    i’ve taken a few other mp3s down aswell just because too many people were downloading stuff from the site. i’ll stick them back up or add some new ones soon.

  9. Christopher says:

    mailing list thing may have been fixed, have a look. i need to get rid of it anyway and add a little box thing to put your email add in but last time i tried something like that it kept giving little warnings about revealing your email address when you clicked the send button. everything else on the screenshots looks just how it’s meant to. miss/mr cleaver send me an email.

  10. Denyer says:

    Sidebar’s reasonable, since the proportion of 800×600 users is still about 50% (the other 50% being 1024×768)…

    Proper monitor? CRTs will die out within a few years. They’re cumbersome, power-hungry and suffer from health & safety refresh issues, just like TVs. Whilst early TFTs had latency redraw issues and were required model-specific graphics cards, that’s all cushty now. The only issue is that they cost slightly more… still, good investments.

    As a general rule, only put links next to scrollbars if you want people to accidentally click them.

  11. Christopher says:

    :o 0 send me your address and i’ll print out and send you a copy of the site every month. you won’t be complaining about links next to scroll bars then hah grr :o (

  12. Segorney Cleaver says:

    yea i did notice and iv already pre-ordered my copy!! but still, thought it was worth asking!! chears … xxx

  13. Denyer says:

    Just thinking about the poor sods without scrollmice… ;)

    I’ve a feeling I may be about to move to your webspace provider… mine are useless…

  14. Christopher says:

    "Just thinking about the poor sods without scrollmice… "
    me then :o l just whack your mouse as far right as you can, a little to the left… i thought you studied computer science?
    I should hurry up and change the site package thing, gotta do it before the end of this month. buy buy ?100 hello extra 100 megs woohoo.

  15. Denyer says:

    Have discovered a solution… browse in effectively 800×600, which makes the photos and old links disappear completely off to the right… :p

    Everything else doesn’t resize too badly, I have to admit. :)

    No, I’ve never studied computer science (unless you count at GCSE, which I don’t) — it’s all practically-gained experience.

    Just waiting for DNS transfer, and then I can get my site back up…

    Woo! New single to look forward to!

  16. Christopher says:

    "Have discovered a solution… browse in effectively 800×600, which makes the photos and old links disappear completely off to the right…"
    isn’t that what i’ve been telling you all along?
    "Just waiting for DNS transfer, and then I can get my site back up…"
    i just changed the package this morning, took about 3 seconds. even people i know dont reply to emails as fast as them.
    "Woo! New single to look forward to!"
    woo, new single arived yesterday morning. hehehe :o )

  17. Denyer says:

    I’m guessing your solution didn’t involve a stylesheet bookmarklet which hides nasty horizontal scrollbars… ;)

    No problems with PlugSocket, but it’s anyone’s guess when BH will turn over the DNS… once they do, there’s no way on earth they’ll be getting it back, anyway…

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