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Radio 1 Session In WalesTake a trip over to Radio 1′s Session In Wales website and you’ll spot a familiar face. Click on the picture of Davey’s face (courtesy Tina McClelland) and it’ll take you to Huw’s Choice. There you’ll find a short review of last Friday’s gig in Cardiff Barfly and if you go to the bottom of the page and select the page for 15th May, you’ll come to a review of the White Russian Galaxy single. If you can’t be bothered clicking that many links, click [More] to read both reviews on this site.
Do Something Pretty Fanzine has news on the band’s tour up on their news page.
The Crimea are listed as playing the Beautiful Days festival in Devon on August 16th. More details on the gigs page.
If you’ve wondered about the availability of the limited edition 7″ of the new single, Opal Music says there’s only going to be 1500 copies made, but most shops who’ve been asked say they’re going to be stocking it.

Huw’s Choice
Last updated Thursday 22 May 2003

The CrimeaFriday it’s down the incredibly posh St David’s Hotel in Cardiff Bay, where the Dirty Sanchez boys are trying to break dance to Dolly Parton. I get my picture taken with the FA Cup, which is weird and exciting but not as weird and exciting as seeing Charlotte Church nodding her head to the Gonzales records I played earlier while DJing to a room of five (including the bar staff).

Running over to the Barfly, The Crimea take to the stage in front of an excited and large crowd. This is a one off gig, their third in Cardiff and one to contain the band’s excitement about signing a publishing deal and going to record their debut album with Owen Morris. The set is brilliant; Davey is a star and seems totally at ease with the ecstatic crowd, the new songs are chunks of wonderment that are as heartbreaking as they are funny and new single White Russian Galaxy is nothing but a joy to witness live.

From Session In Wales’ Huw’s Choice for May 22nd 2003.

Huw’s Choice
Last updated Thursday 15 May 2003

The CrimeaCry Me a River sang Justin Timberlake! And right now I’m talking about The Crimea! That, sadly, is where the comparisons between the excellent The Crimea and Timberlake ends. When the Crocketts decided to call it a day a while back – after a few great albums and live performances to get very excited, if not a little scared by – you couldn’t help but feel a little saddened that they didn’t get the success they deserve. Fear not, for The Crimea will do it.

New single White Russian Galaxy is their heartfelt single that rocks from side to side, an acute sense of rapturous melody and strange sentences that I don’t understand (‘Why don’t you go to church on Sunday’ being one example). What is great and very exciting about The Crimea is how Davey’s lyrics will be given a fair chance and a platform, since the music is more complementing of his talents than the Crocketts’ was. His words and observations truly are beautiful, ‘you talk like a fish in nonsensical bubbles’ he sings halfway through the lead track, while Lasinco is an altogether slower, more moving effort. This is a single that says that The Crimea are here for the foreseeable future, that they will take you in and you can trust them completely and that this time, the omens are better than ever. White Russian Galaxy comes out on June 2nd on Double Dragon Music.

From Session In Wales’ Huw’s Choice for May 15th 2003.

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