Buy WRG at Townsend Records.

Townsend RecordsThe official stockists of White Russian Galaxy, Townsend Records, are finally taking pre-orders for the CD (containing WRG, Lasinoco and Girl Just Died) and 7″ (containing WRG and Lasinoco). You can pick up either version at for ?2.99 inc VAT and ?1.50 p&p (single item) or ?2.00 p&p (both items). They’ve also still got the Lottery Winners On Acid single and Davey’s Unamazing Disgraces short stories and poems book for sale.

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7 Responses to “Buy WRG at Townsend Records.”

  1. Ella Luciana says:

    whats this about the special WRG single only availible for one day? how can we get it? xx

  2. Christopher says:

    it’s not very special. have a look here in six days to find out.

  3. d1939 says:

    dont keep us in suspence tell us now!!!

    please :)


  4. Christopher says:

    only some mp3s I have in my possision. and yes they are all shit quality again.

  5. D1939 says:

    "shit quality"

    Sounds familliar i think i may already have it ;)


  6. Christopher says:

    not all of them lot but yeah, just more crap recorded by someone who can’t be bothered to buy a proper mic. oh wait, that’s you ;o)

  7. d1939 says:

    :( you cheeky boy!!


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