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UPDATED: Forgot a few Julz demos, see end of post for them.

So a few people have asked for things through comments or the message board (yes we still have one :) ), figure I’d just create one post with the lot. If you want more, comment up or email or whatever and I’ll get stuff to you.

For D1939: Ye of epic tatooing fame, yes I do have the La Sinoco track that ends “on the sad morning she whispered goodbye”. Actually it’s not a Crimea track, tis an old Crocketts recording, made for XFM radio in session who knows when (2000ish probably, after TGBR). Primarily distributed via the “The Great Bootleg Rarities” bootleg cassette back when those were actually a thing. Thanks for the copy Nim :) Anyway, here’s yours.

Playlist File
The Crocketts – XFM Interview
The Crocketts – XFM Introduction
The Crocketts – La Sinoco (XFM Exclusive)
The Crocketts – All Conquering (XFM Exclusive)

For Ste: Whomever you may be, a request for the Raining Planets version referenced in this post, which is slightly different from the released one appearing on the free Secrets Of The Witching Hour album (since re-released here). Anyway, this one was originally recorded in 2006 as a demo for the album. My favourite? Meh. They’re both excellent.

The Crimea – Raining Planets (2006 Demo)

And Julz Parker: Not one to back away from a fight, jumps in to the debate detailed in this post. In short, who plays guitar in this MP3. To be fair, not much of a puzzle, it was indeed ex-Crimea member Julz playing. But hey, if you wanna jump in on the comments and claim you were actually playing guitar with the band in 2003, why not, no one’s memory is so great anymore. And photoshop can do wonders these days…

So yeah basically Julz requested (well, sort of, whatever, I’m on a roll here) anything with her in it. So here you go Julz – most of everything MP3 related I have with you. Open folder, browse files, right click and save, I’m sure you all know, though I tried to teach Davey this once and it didn’t go so well..

You’ll find their Music:Response session with Zane Lowe on XFM from 27th February 2003 (hear Julz speak in Part 3 of the interview), and their “Session in Wales” session from 4th September 2003 (highlight Bombay Sapphire Coma / Utopia).

Then there’s the full, wonderful, Seven Track Promo I was originaly sent by Davey in 2003 featuring a load of chilled-out tracks (later to be re-hashed and recorded as multiple other tracks) and, probably, Julz – I think. Sounds like here anyway. If not, it’s a good pre/post-(I forget)-Tragedy Rocks listen anyway.

One of the finest gigs ever recorded is there – the MS1 Club show hosted by Adam Walton, broadcast live on Radio Wales on 28th July 2003. Everything rocks. Even LWOA. Hell, you’re even blessed with a shoutout by Crimea super-fan Crazy Matt. Though, tbh, he’s in most recordings I have. Way to go, Matt :)

And finally, a small solo by Julz playing LWOA during a webchat in July 2006. Yes people, like an NSA worker bee, I record everything, evverryythiiinnggg

Ok srsly that’s about it actually. Time for some proper news then. Next post coming up very soon.

EDIT: Forgot a few, thanks for the reminder Julz :) Check the above folder again (this one) and you should see the full “15 Track Promo” – I forget its exact origin but probably from around 2003 – 2004ish. Includes a number of Tragedy Rocks demos and some never otherwise released gems including just about the best Crimea track ever – Oliver Twisted – (the only other recorded version is here). Sounds like Julz deffinately features on Baby Boom, Bombay Sapphire Coma and Miserbilist Tango (with her backing vox clearly audible on the latter), whilst she’s probably on Bad Vibrations and Forgotten too and possibly others, but I’ve already got in to trouble speculating on that kinda thing :p

And the only vids I could find with Julz in are actually from around 2006 at the Beijing Chao Yang International Pop Music Festival when she re-joined the band for the one-off show. The original files are from Youtube here and here but I ripped em cos, well, when it comes to saving web content, only two people do it well. And the NSA don’t share. Enjoy :)

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  1. Tammi says:

    Hey – fab to see the Crocketts/Crimea rise again on this fab (old)/new website!
    Is there any way we can download the old demo’s (Autumn Afternoon in particular)? I’ve been trying to find this again for years.


  2. Christopher says:

    Hey Tammi, I have loads, email me at and I’ll get some to you somehow. Would you like them on casette? :)

  3. I like what yyou guts ttend to be up too. Such clever work and reporting!
    Keep up the great works guhs I’ve added you guys to
    my personal blogroll.

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