Single updates.

After it’s release on Monday, White Russian Galaxy is currently the 61st highest selling single on the hot 100 CD singles chart.
There’s a review of the single in this month’s Kerrang! magazine, where Less Than Jake reviewed the single and gave it 1 out of 5. Gits.
Don’t worry if you missed The Crimea on XFM’s The Works. It was just a repeat of the tracks played on Music: Response.

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11 Responses to “Single updates.”

  1. richard says:

    the single is hard to get hold of in north london been in loads of shops in camden and islington and the only place i have heard selling it are virgeeeen megastore on oxford st …even wee independents didnt get it in

  2. craig says:

    i got hold of the vinyl from an independant in derby, the CD from virgin in derby and another CD (you cant have too many) from HMV in wakefield. there should be more but im limiting myself to 1 per shop.

    i bet chris is on 5+ already

  3. Christopher says:

    3 cd’s, 2 vinyl. would have been much more but had to take a few days off school and couldn’t get into town.

  4. me xx says:

    Less Than Jake are prob just jealous that The Crimea are more ‘punk’ than they are! but hay, no-ones more ‘punk’ than Good Charlotte…

  5. Christopher says:

    "The Crimea are more ‘punk’…" they’re wishing…

  6. Rickii says:

    I don’t want to be pedantic, but it’s easy to get hold of in Islington. Me and Kat bought a copy each in HMV in Angel, Monday morning, and later in the week I checked the rack again and there was another 2 copies there.

  7. Richard says:

    im just glad you know the word pedantic maybe not the meaning though as it means willfully disabeadiant..i know i cant spelll

  8. craig says:

    im just glad you know the word disabeadiant maybe not the spelling though as it’s spelt disobedient

  9. richard says:

    didnt you guess i was being sardonicly sarcasticly idiot there graig.

  10. richard says:

    can he spell or not ,who gives a daaammm, idioticness is the way forward

  11. craig says:


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