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There should be a bigger update coming soon but this one was just too good to wait. For all you crox fans who remember the trip to Amsterdam with The Crocketts, and for those of you who’ve forgotten, Honk magazine’s website has an article up about that time in Crocketts folk law when four idiots decided to get drunk, go sailing and play a gig, all at the same time. It’s a very interesting read, if only to find out about a little Harris family X rated video. Blimey. The article’s on the Honk site here, or click the [More] button if you love this place too much to leave.


In another new feature, we look back at some of the classic moments in Welsh pop ? some well-known, some not. It?s April 2000…

Arty Fufkin was A&R and Content Manager of The Channelfly Group at the time. He recalls:

?So there we are; a coachload of fans and a coachload of music industry types, all milling around in the lounge of a ferry headed for Amsterdam. Surrounded by families politely supping their hot drinks and plastic-wrapped sandwiches, and in a room full of plastic moulded chairs and uniformed ferry crew this is an adventure in the surreal.
The captain, a heavily moustachioed Dutchman with a nervous smile, introduces the band as ?A very nice group of boys from England who will be providing us with some entertainment ? The Crocketts.? Parents pull their toddlers onto their lap to get a better view whilst the fans rush forward to the tiny stage.
Five minutes later and Davey Crockett is hanging off the IKEA-style light fixtures which are coming away from the ceiling. Captain Moustache has long since edged his way out of the back of the lounge and there are pissed-up 14 year olds who’ve lied about their age to get on the trip moshing, leaping and puking all over the place. Small children are crying; “Mummy, why is that man saying ‘fu*k’ so many times?” And the rest of us are weeping with laughter. The juxtaposition of the madness of the Crocketts screaming ?I don’t fu*king think so!? in the midst of homogenised plastic SealinkWorld is a beautiful thing to behold.
The agent who had managed to convince the ferry company to allow this to go ahead is looking rather pleased with himself. “How the hell did you get them to agree?” I ask, “I mean… did they hear a tape?” He grins. “Oh yeah, I sent them a tape alright,” he winks, ?Mind you, it was Travis….??

Owen Hopkin (now of The Crimea) was a member of The Crocketts at the time. He recalls:

?The whole idea came from us wanting to celebrate the release of our second album, The Great Brain Robbery, in style. We?d done a themed residency at a place called The Kashmir Club in the preceding weeks ? there was a metal night, quiz night, karaoke; all helped along by massive batches of ?magic? welsh- and fairy-cakes that we?d cook up the night before. It was fu*king carnage.
Not content to rest on our laurels, we wanted something to really crown our celebration period, which is where the idea of going to Amsterdam came from. I can?t remember who suggested it, but we obviously thought it was a genius plan. Initially, the idea was to play the gig over in Amsterdam but, thankfully, a bit of logic prevailed and someone realised there?d be no way on earth we?d be in any fit state to play a gig after getting smashed up on the coach trip, ram-raiding the duty free and then visiting the Van Gogh museum. Sorry, coffee houses.
Management began making contact with the ferry people who, in time, came round to thinking it would be a great idea to let us play as the ferry sailed towards the Hook Of Holland. The four of us came on the buses with the fans and industry bods while, in the meantime, our crew went back and forth on the ferry three times setting up our equipment and PA, soundchecking and then packing it all back down. They looked like smaller, grumpier versions of the Jolly Green Giant by the end and weren?t best pleased.
I can?t remember when we hit the stage, but there were a load of crap lights flashing, ?The Crocketts? swirling in ZX Spectrum graphics on a screen behind us and a load of fans going mental in front of us. It didn?t take long for Davey to start mounting the nailed down tables and frightening everyone who didn?t know what to expect. During one of his table mounting exercises I remember him grabbing for the ceiling which was some sort of awful black, garden fence-type construction and trying to hang from it like a gap-toothed monkey. It obviously didn?t work and a large part of the ceiling came down with him. Ferry officials were now also getting a bit pissed off. We finished the gig without any other major destruction of the ferry?s property, but there was no way we were going to be asked to perform on the return journey.
Once the gig was over, we properly got stuck into the duty free and, once we were back on the bus, all hell promptly broke loose. People were frantically ringing their European ?connections? to rendezvous at various hotels, kids were destroying the coaches ? it was great. Best of all was Dan and his brother. They were both on the industry bus and had, since the gig, found a couple of young female friends and were trying to undress them en route to Amsterdam. Unfortunately, Dan?s parents, who had foolishly thought it would be a lovely little break to join us on our trek, were sitting in front of them. Dan, his brother and their two friends were absolutely steaming ? it wasn?t a sight any parent should have to see. Luckily for his parents, the worst (or best, depending on your viewpoint) was yet to come. Once we got to the hotel Andy, Dan?s brother, got his video camera out and the first Harris Brothers? movie was born.
Everyone met up in ?Dam square the next day. Dan?s parents had completely disowned him and his brother and the return journey went off without a hitch. Well, relatively, anyway.?

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9 Responses to “Honk Amsterdam Memories”

  1. Lucifer says:

    ahhhh the beautiful memories :)

    Lucifer x

  2. Ally says:

    Wish i was there.

    Epic davey moments, good work on the harris front, a stonker by all accounts. i love it.

  3. Christopher says:

    yeah but i heard the hotels were crap. glad i missed it. :o (

  4. Lucifer says:

    the hotels were mega mega crap, but the experience well made up for it, wouldnt have missed it for the world!

    Lucifer x

  5. craig says:

    if only there was a crimea one……………

  6. grogz says:

    i cant even remember the hotel that much ,i dont think any of us spent any time there.Sheila u read this my lasting memory is you saying taxi..I want to do it all again

  7. craig says:

    let’s organise one.

  8. hOLLY says:

    This was the most brilliant trip ever. I think…what I can remember of it, at least.

    On the bus on the way home – I remember everyone doing their best to consume their "coffee shop" souvineers before we reached British customs…

    And the Scottish girls and Grogzie still going strong at the pub on the ferry at 4am…

    But yes, Dan and his brother were the legends on the trip. Anyone seen their video tape, then???

    A good time was had by all!


  9. grogzie says:

    Nice to see your still around Holly.I am still going strong at 4 am now,but its hard to do in london with their antiquated drinking laws.Those glasgow girls where watching the crimea up there at the weeked.A lot of us are still around it looks like.
    When are you getting over to this part of the world..

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