June 2002

8th June
The world knows.
The news of the Crocketts split has been broken to the world on page 6 of the June 8 2002 issuse of the Kerrang! magazine. The article can be seen here, and reads as follows.
have announced their decision
to split up. A statement issued
by the band said: “We have
spent the last year or so
recording new stuff in
preparation for the comeback of
the century. However last Friday
our plans were struck with a
tragic and unforseen blow,
when Dan decided to leave. The
war is over. Tragedy rocks.”

16th June
My Crockett Cd’s are ready.
Look in the crock shop for more details.
If anyone wants one then email me at
I’m just charging for p&p and the actual CD and some money I can send to Owen for the rest of The Crocketts, or I’ll swap CDs for some Crocketts stuff i don’t have instead of sending money.
Non of the songs are realy good quality, but they’re ok.
Dowload On Something for an example of the quality of the videos, although a couple are worse, some are better quality. If you want good stuff, get the originals from the crock shop. Requires the QuickTime Player. *Right click on the dowload link and click save.
****You’ll need QuickTime Player and RealOne Player to view all the videos, although Windows Media Player will play a couple.****

17th June
After previously posting this and promptly taking it back down after an hour due to thinking it was a load of shit, it’s now back again as I have an all new reliable source who has all but confirmed the news.
The Crocketts are back on the 2nd and 16th of July at The Enterpise in London. Same as the Kernal Krok gigs, but it seems the kernal is not the only person who’s gonna make an apearence. The rumors started on the Crocketts messageboard, and were quickly confirmed by Miss creative endeavour, as you will see below.

RE: davey gig?
Wouldn’t you like to – 15 Jun – 03:36:41 PM
Your all in for a big surprise at these gigs! If you can go i’d recommend you go seeing that its gonna be a big day in Crockett folk-law! Honestly, 100% vital!
None of the above
Wouldn’t you like to – 17 Jun – 03:08:08 PM
I’m none of the above but i do know things that you lot obviously don’t, except for maybe lucifer. Anyway, just go along and you’ll be happy to see the crox getting it back on again – with a twist
From: creative_endeavour
Date: Mon Jun 17, 2002 5:11 pm
Subject: Re: the kernal krok gigs
have been told by a little bird that owen is going to be playing drums at the gigs and the new bassist will be there but it’s supposed to be top secret. but it isn’t now… ho hum… but that’s all I know (I think. all I know that’s relevant anyway). neither of which qualifies it as being a big day in crox folklore in my eyes…

Although Lucifer has informed me she’s knows nothing, it’s looking like not being at one of these gigs would be a very bad idea. And if you cannot afford it, I have a plan. It involves Nim, a very fat pigion, and a new type of air travel.
Ok ok, Nim’s gonna catch a birdy, send it to collect you all, and bring you to see Davey :o ).
Well if you don’t believe me, you better thumb you’re way to London. Or just do anything. Hell, even I’m going, and I never go anywhere.

21st June
I’ve finished messing about with the prices of the bootleg CD’s. They are pretty bad quality but never mind. And they keep stoping when I try to play them on a CD player but they still work. At least I get to see Davey soon :o ) And then I need to see about 6 other people to give them CD’s :o ( And then I need to get the Crox to sign stuff :’( I wanna go home.

26th June
I awoke this morning to find a nice little parcel waiting for me, containing an XFM interview with The Crocketts, as well as live performances of La Sinoco and All Conquering. They’re not the best songs ever, but they’re the crox, and that’s enough. As for seeing them on the 2nd July, I’m not too sure if I’ll go, I have a way of managing to mess things up and I don’t wanna be doing that 200 miles from home. But for everyone who’s going, Owen and a bassist turning up is not a rumour. It’s true. They’ll be there. So go see them.

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