2000 Trees Preview & Setlist

So there’s no actual reviews yet, but this guy probably liked em :) Ben Marwood has a small preview on his blog or just hit more. FWIW, the Dear Diedre thing, the whole band were in it ;o) – see the actual article scanned here for the lulz.

Also, new Web 2.0 service (or are we up to 3.0 now, geez I’m still on -1 here) is coming in handy – ten years too late but hey at least it’s here – and has details of the 2000 Trees set. Now impress me by getting the final *ever* show at the Jazz Cafe on the 30th up there before I do ;) .

The Crimea Setlist at 2000 Trees Festival, 12th July 2013

1. Loop a Loop
2. Jellyfish
3. White Russian Galaxy
4. The Only Living Boy And Girl
5. Baby Boom
6. Shredder
7. Everywhere (Fleetwood Mac cover)
8. Lottery Winners on Acid

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Tease me. Please me. 2000Trees me.

The Crimea – Main Stage, Friday
The first time I heard The Crimea, it was on John Peel’s show in the mid-2000s.
John“, I emailed, “is that Davey Crockett, ex of the Crocketts?“.
Why, yes“, he replied, “I think I have some Crocketts CDs somewhere, I must dig them out and have a listen to them over the weekend.
I like to think that he did, and he enjoyed them. I first saw Davey Macmanus fronting The Crocketts when they supported the Stereophonics a long, long time ago. I hated it. One year later when I found some music taste, I hated the Stereophonics and loved The Crocketts. Watch him jerk, watch him spasm, watch him possess the voice of a nutter, who may or may not have informed my own vocal sound in some small way over the years. The life of these guys didn’t ever run smoothly. I’m pretty sure I saw Davey appear as a model playing a musician in the Sun’s ‘Dear Diedre‘ column once, and that’s not even a joke. When the Crocketts gave up, The Crimea arrived with an extra depth to their sound. You know, some pianos and such. Tragedy Rocks was the first album I played when I set up my new stereo in 2005, just like the Crocketts’ Great Brain Robbery was the first album I played during my Freshers Week at uni in 2000. This band and this man have formed an important part of me without even realising, and it is with a heavy heart that I learn that this will be one of their final ever shows. Third album Square Moon is released on 29th July on, you guessed it, Alcopop, and they call time with one final show in London on 30th July. Do not miss them.

Preview by Ben Marwood, 7th July 2013.

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