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Believe it or not it’s exactly a year to the day that I first saw The Crimea play :o ) and almost exactly a year that has existed :o D Thanks to anyone and everyone who’s visited the site in that time. Time for some press updates….
Big Chesse? magazine had some very intresting models in Issue 42 that was out in June. Pictures of Davey sporting some fetching Camden Market wares will be up on the site asap, and taken down a day later when I get complaints from the band ;o)
The June issue of The Fly also had an article about White Russian Galaxy in it, if you could find a copy.
Owen’s been interviewed about The Crimea, and it’s up on two different websites. The First is at 247 magazine here, with the full interview. The second is on what claims to be the national website of Wales, and you can find the article here. You can read 247′s version by clicing on [More].
Drowned In Sound has a review of The Crimea’s gig with Clarksville at Camden Barfly on 18/6/03. Click [More] to read the Crimea bit.
The BBC London website had a review of White Russian Galaxy on it a while ago. Click on [More] to read it.
XFM has a poor review of White Russian Galaxy on their site. Click on [More] or here to read it.
The Independent also had a review of White Russian Galaxy in it a while back. Look at the press clippings page to see it.

An Interview with Owen Hopkins from The Crimea, by Bethan Elfyn

Are you glad to be back as a band?

It was more of a relief, to be honest. Since the Crocketts finally disintegrated (Late 2001), Davey and I had been desperate to get a band together to play the new songs we’d writen. A few people came and went, Dan (ex-Crocketts guitarist) jacked it in for a job in a bank, we navigated various setbacks etc. It was very frustrating.

It slowly came together though. We found Andy (Stafford) our keyboard player late last year, Joe (Udwin) the bass player arrived soon after and our new lead guitarist Julia (Parker) joined in February. It all works, sounds great and, most importantly, it’s a laugh again.

What was the first gig like, where did you play?

I think our first official gigs were at the Acoustic Barfly venue in London last year sometime. We played there every Tuesday for three weeks. The gig was good, Davey and I had never played with a keyboardist and Andy hadn’t really played any gigs before, so there were a few ‘interesting’ moments. We were also still with our first ‘Crimean’ bass player, who was a very odd
character, so there was definitely a temptation to twat him over the head
with his SG bass.

How are the new members settling into the role?

The new members are settling in very nicely. We haven’t felt the need to throw sticks/picks/tuning forks/microphones at each other just yet.

Still looking for a label though is that right, even though you’ve got releases poised?

We’re in talks with various people at the moment. Lottery Winners came out
last November on Shiny Beast, which is a subsidiary company of the
all-encompassing Channelfly group. White Russian Galaxy is coming out on
Double Dragon, which is a label run be Tav, Ash’s manager, and Nigel Coxon a
Sony A+R chap.

Basically, we’ve put out the singles on mates’ labels and it’s worked out
quite well so far.

New style of songwriting, a bit warmer (less angry perhaps) than some of the Crocketts songs, would you agree?

Lyrically, I think there are moments that rank alongside some of The Crocketts’ most furious temper tantrums. Musically, it’s a lot more considered, better executed and a giant leap on from where we were three years ago. We’ve got a better idea of what we want to achieve and how to achieve it now, definitely.

How’s the reaction been so far from press and public?

Very good, on the whole. The reaction to Lottery Winners was amazing, it really was. We managed more radio play on that than we did in the entire history of the Crocketts – bearing in mind, too, that ‘Lottery’ was out on a tiny label and ‘worked’ by us and friends who were doing it for nothing.

Public reaction has been great, too. We’ve done two short tours of the UK so far, both of which have been amazing.

What’s the schedule going to be like for the band this year, are you on the festival trail?

We’re on as many trails as we can find. Label trail, festival trail, gig trail, radio/press trail.

Schedule-wise, we’re going in to the studio with Owen Morris (Oasis, The Verve, Ash) at the end of May to record a couple of songs that might or might not be the next single. We go out on a headline tour of the UK at the start of June. There are talk of a few festivals, but it’s just talk at the moment. Which is shit.

As a fully fledged music Hack, Owen, how are you going to manage to juggle both?

I’ve done the writing thing for a good four years now (I started when I was with The Crocketts), so I’ll manage both as I always have – skilfully and with plenty of flair. A bit like those jugglers with stupid hats you see in Glastonbury. But minus the dog on a string and with a better haircut.

Anything else I should know?

Joe is from Zimbabwe, Julia from Australia, Andy’s from England, I’m from Wales, Davey’s from Ireland. So we’re pushing geographic borders as well as musical ones. Arf arf.

Review taken from 247 magazine.

The Crimea and Clarkesville
the venue: London Camden Barfly @ The Monarch
the date: Wed 18th Jun 2003

Two of The Crimea used to be in The Crocketts and played with the Levellers a while back ? anyone who snears can piss off to Hoxton? Fronted by Davey “Davy Crockett” McManus, a front-toothless singer, kind of like a pretty Shane McGowan, and indeed a gruff line of Pogues-like punk-folk runs through their set. It?s rough and ready as a bar-room brawler at kicking-out time, but with a big-hearted sense of pop fun, to bring a smile to the face of even the most stony-hearted Camden hipster. You can catch ?em playing in vast aircraft hangers with Stereophonics and Travis soon, but for now The Crimea are bringing a cozy warm glow to the tiny little Monarch?

Review by Tommy Mack, from the Drowned In Sound website here.

the crimea: white russian galaxy (double dragon music)
Regular listeners to my radio show (I thang yew!) may be aware of this tasty track already. White Russian Galaxy possesses everything you could hope for in a cool pop record. It swoops, it soars with some inspired instrumentation and is madly infectious – all in one hit. Groovy baby.

From BBC London’s entertainment section, view Google’s cache of the page here.

The Crimea ?White Russian Galaxy? (Double Dragon)

JMS: The Crimea aka half of The Crocketts reincarnated ? did anyone miss them? ? sound a bit like The Thrills, but not as good. The melody is countrified pop – there?s glockenspiel, banjo, piano and the line ?you talk like a fish? which is a bit out of place on a track that takes itself rather too seriously to be very much fun.

From XFM’s review of singles release on 2/6/03, found here.

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