twitter-bird-white-on-blueYes yes, I’ve been way behind the social-media times of late. So here’s a round up of all the Crimea related Twitter accounts you *must* follow, right now! Coming soon, their Facebook accounts. After that, home addresses, phone numbers, email logins…. Oh you think I’m kidding? …

Official Band Twitter: @The_Crimea

Davey Macmanus: @DaveyMacmanus
Owen Hopkin: @owenhopkin
Andy Stafford: @DaveAlcatraz
Joe Udwin: (man after my own heart, recently abolished his internet social media useage, so until he returns try his new band instead.)
Tara Blaise: @Tara_Blaise

Lable / Press:
Alcopop Records: @ilovealcopop
Lazy Acre Records: @lazyacrerecords
Top Button Digital: @TopButton_Digi

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